Things to Do in Colorado Springs With Kids

Colorado Springs is the type of tourist destination that offers a little bit of everything for every member of your family. As a result, it’s not surprising to see families enjoying the great outdoors together, especially at legendary tourist landmarks like the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. But what if your kids are a bit too small to be rafting down a river or climbing all the way to the top of Pikes Peak? No worries – there are plenty of kid-friendly activities for the kids in Colorado Springs.

Check out the giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Before you’ve even arrived in Colorado Springs, you’ve no doubt seen tourist brochures or websites with photos of giraffes, and maybe even a monkey or alligator. That’s because Colorado Springs happens to boast one of the most unique zoos in the nation. In fact, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the only U.S. zoo in the mountains. And it also has the largest number of African giraffes of any zoo in the world! For the kids, the real highlight of the experience is the giraffe feeding session. Even adults will be in awe of these gentle creatures, seemingly magically transported to the mountain home of the gods.

Enjoy the hot air balloons of the Rocky Mountains

Every September, Colorado Springs is the home of a unique spectacle called the Labor Day Lift Off. Over a fun-filled holiday weekend, anywhere from 50 to 75 hot air balloons lift off from Colorado Springs, where they are transported over the mountains. There are opportunities to go skydiving, and there’s plenty of live music and great local food. Your kids will simply love these brightly-colored hot air balloons.

Go on an art scavenger hunt on the streets of Colorado Springs

Your young ones might not yet be ready for a full day at an art museum, but they will surely appreciate one of the great traditions of Colorado Springs – the city placing one-of-a-kind sculptures and public art displays on street corners, sidewalks and public spaces. Every June, the artwork changes, leaving it up to tourists and locals to discover all the new artwork that covers the city for the next 12 months. You can easily turn this into a fun scavenger hunt of sorts for your kids, challenging them to find some of the most clever or fascinating works of art. As an added bonus, you might just inspire in them to check out an art museum the next time you’re on vacation.

Spend a day in Colorado’s Wild West

No doubt, your kids have already seen plenty of Westerns on the big screen and may be fascinated by the “Wild West” and the Colorado Gold Rush era. If that’s the case, you’ll want to spend a half-day (or longer) in the Old Colorado City Historic District. This is the same district that served as the capital of the Colorado Territory in the 19th century. So soak in the charm and ambiance, and maybe even challenge your kids to a “showdown at high noon” (for ice cream, of course!).

There’s a lot to see and do for kids in Colorado Springs. So think about combining one or more of the activities listed above with more traditional tourist adventures, like hiking to the top of Pikes Peak or exploring the Garden of the Gods.