The Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has a surprising number of unique dining destinations, including a world-class pizza restaurant located within a sprawling, Victorian-era hall and an outdoor restaurant located at the top of Pikes Peak. If you’re wondering where to eat in Colorado Springs, here’s a quick look at the restaurants that should be at the top of your “must-visit” list.

The Famous Steak House

Most locals simply refer to this downtown classic as “The Famous.” This is a Chicago-style steakhouse with a classy, elegant and charming ambiance. It’s located in the center of downtown, so it’s easy to reach wherever you are staying in Colorado Springs. You’ll be treated to the best steaks and seafood in the city. And, as an added bonus, there’s also a piano bar with a live pianist. That just adds to the stylish ambiance of this restaurant. Plus, since Colorado has emerged as one of the leading hubs of the craft brewing movement, you can also find plenty of craft beers and inventive craft cocktails on the menu as well.

Fargo’s Pizza

What in the world is a pizza joint doing on this “Best Of” list? Well, let’s just say that you’ve never been to a pizza restaurant like Fargo’s Pizza before. It’s located in a Victorian-style hall that seats up to 500 people, and just so happens to be located at the foot of Pikes Peak. Servers and waitresses are often dressed up in Victorian-era costumes, and standing watch over patrons at this pizza establishment are wax models of Fargo and Sophie. Who’s Fargo and who’s Sophie? There’s a wonderful Colorado Springs legend about these two lovers: Fargo was a colorful gambler and Wild West adventurer, while Sophie was a young beauty from an aristocratic Old World family in Europe.

The Pepper Tree

Long known as the most romantic restaurant in Colorado Springs, The Pepper Tree injects a sense of style and sophistication into the local dining scene. The restaurant specifically calls for “business casual” attire, but many of the visitors go one step beyond this, showing up in suits and amazing cocktail dresses. The restaurant itself is located on top of a hill, giving diners some amazing views of the city skyline. The menu is no slouch either, offering diners the very best in seafood and steaks.

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak

This restaurant is only reachable by using the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, ensuring that you’ll have some amazing views traveling to and from this Colorado Springs landmark. You can sit at an outdoor patio and choose from an extensive wine list of more than 800 wines.

These are just some of the “must-visit” restaurants in Colorado Springs. Depending on your own taste in cuisine, you’re sure to establish your own favorites. For example, Italian cuisine lovers will no doubt love Luigi’s, a classic Italian throwback dating back to the 1950’s. And French cuisine lovers will fall in love with La Baguette, an ever-expanding French restaurant that now includes a bakery, a bistro, and a cafĂ©. So get ready to enjoy some amazing dining options the next time that you visit Colorado Springs!