My Visit to Atlanta, Georgia

After hearing so many of my friends and colleagues talk about their fantastic trips to Atlanta, Georgia I was eager to book a flight on Delta and arrive in the South’s most vibrant, energetic city for a brief, three-day vacation.

Getting from the airport (now the world’s busiest) to Atlanta’s Downtown was much easier than expected, and after packing away my bags, I was ready to hit the big city. The first thing that impressed me was how many people were out and about, walking around. It’s clear that the city has taken some serious steps to attract visitors and tourists, and one of them is making the city more walkable.

After grabbing a quick bite at the Krog Street Market – one of the city’s new innovative food halls, I decided to check out two of the nearby tourist attractions – the Jimmy Carter Center and the Martin Luther King Center. Both are great men and both are icons of Atlanta.

The nest day, I decided to start off the morning with a fun walk around the Atlanta BeltLine – a sort of running path/walking trail/biking lane built on the site of a railway corridor that takes you around some of Downtown’s key landmarks – sort of like New York City’s High Line. Along the way, there are plenty of places to rest and get a bite to eat, as well as a surprising number of shops. Who knew? You can train for a 10K race and go shopping at the same time!

I also wanted to give Atlanta’s up-and-coming cultural scene a look, so I bought tickets for a show by the Tony award-winning Alliance Theatre. Most shows are sold-out, so make sure you get your tickets in advance. I was lucky enough to land a great seat for an upcoming performance of “Candide,” an adaptation of Voltaire’s famous satirical novel.

In the time between the start of the show and a wonderful lunch at the Busy Bee Café (a Downtown Atlanta landmark since 1947), I had time to check out some of Atlanta’s other iconic landmarks, including a brief trip to check out the Centennial Olympic Park, one of the most famous venues from the 1996 Summer Olympics that Atlanta hosted.

On Day 3 of my Atlanta adventure, I decided to soak up some of the city’s historic charm. I decided to spend a half-day at the Atlanta History Center – including some time at the Swan House (a 1920’s era mansion). And, since part of my image of Atlanta has always included “Gone With the Wind,” I also made sure to make time in my whirlwind Atlanta tour to include a trip to the Margaret Mitchell House.

All in all, it was a wonderful three-day visit to Atlanta, Georgia. Getting around the city was easier than I expected (pro tip: be sure to check out the city’s public transportation network), and the locals were even friendlier than I expected. It’s clear why Atlanta has emerged as one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in the country – it seems to be leading the way in just about everything, from culture to sports to business. And it’s all made more unique and interesting by the city’s unique history. All I know is that my impression of Atlanta has forever changed. I know that I’ll be back soon to explore everything the city has to offer.

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