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Tom Brady’s Greatest Achievements

Tom Brady’s Greatest Achievements

Tom Brady’s Fabulous Football Career

Considered one of the greatest football players of all time, Tom Brady was born in 1977 and began his devotion to the sport early on. 

Born in California, it didn’t take long for Tom Brady to express his love for football. In high school, Tom excelled in baseball and football and was one of the star athletes of both teams. With exemplary performance out on the field, it was only a matter of time before he decided to pursue sports professionally.

While in his early 20s, Tom was drafted into the New England Patriots. Despite the football star winning two MVP Awards alongside four Super Bowl championships, Brady found himself suspended after a legal investigation was prompted earlier this year. The investigation was prompted after it was made aware that Brady knew about illegally deflated footballs before a crucial playoff earlier this season.

Even though Brady has experienced some trouble recently, and fans are unaware of where they will lead him, over his career thus far, he has held a steady and successful overall performance. 

After he graduated from Junipero Serra High School in 1995, Tom turned down University of Michigan, who had offered him a chance to play pro football for their team. This proved to be a great decision for his career, as it was only five years later when the NFL would draft him into one of their own teams.

Once brought into the world of the NFL, Brady didn’t actually do much playing. He was drafted as a backup quarterback, and during his first season he only played one game. But, the next year was very different. After Drew Bledsoe, the team’s starting quarterback at the time was injured, Tom took his place. It didn’t take Tom long to prove to the team, and his competitors, that he had a strong arm and extreme talent.

The team’s record could prove Brady’s talent to anyone who happened to doubt him. He led the team to eleven wins out of the first fourteen games that Brady started. Tom also helped the team win against the St. Louis Rams at Super Bowl XXXVI. Brady ended up earning the game’s MVP award.

While he was off to an excellent early start, Tom proved that his success wasn’t dying down anytime soon. It was just two years later when Brady led his team to another win, this time at Super Bowl XXXVIII. That year, his team played against the Carolina Panthers. Tom earned yet another MVP award for his efforts for that game. In the 2004 season, Tom was still proving himself to be one of the most successful players of all time. When his team competed against the Philadelphia Eagles, Brady led them to another victory with a score of 24-21.

The following year in 2005, Tom signed a six-year contract to join the Patriots. During the regular 2006 season, Tom led the team into an impressive 12-4 record. Tom had officially became one of the best football stars of time, and he wasn’t done leading himself and his team to victory.

The next season saw yet another incredibly collection of wins, and Tom led the Patriots through an undefeated season. The seemingly invincible player finally met the end to his Super Bowl streak though, when his team played again the New York Giants. Super Bowl XLII saw a close game, but Brady and his team finally lost.

For a while, it seemed that Brady’s “luck” may have finally been coming to an end, as it was during the beginning of the 2008 season that Brady experienced a knee injury. The injury prevented him from playing, and he had to undergo several periods of rehabilitation and serious surgeries to recover. Fans across the country hoped that he would return, but many expressed their hope that he wouldn’t return.

Despite some thinking that Brady’s career was over, he proved them wrong and signed a new contract in 2010. Tom was back on the team, and he proved that he still had an extreme reserve of wins left in him. The following year, Brady brought his team back to the Super Bowl, and they battle the New York Giants again. It was considered football’s ultimate game, but the Giants beat the Patriots again with a score of 21-17.

Even though Brady hasn’t earned any Super Bowl championships recently, he has held his fan base from early on in his career, and his talent and devotion to the sport isn’t possible to doubt. But, his recent suspension has left many fans wondering if he’ll make a return. 

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