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Sofia Vergara’s Fantastic Career

Sofia Vergara’s Fantastic Career

Sofia Vergara’s Fascinating Life

Known for her award-winning role on Modern Family as Gloria, Sofia Vergara has hit a lot of success with various films and television shows. With movies like Happy Feet Two and Fading Gigolo, Sofia has made a name for herself as one of the most successful actresses today.

Born in Colombia in 1972, the actress first began work as a model. She soon relocated to the United States with the purpose of becoming a TV host, and later on she began appearing in films. Today, she’s a household name for her part on the popular ABC sitcom Modern Family. Alongside the series, she has taken on many film projects like The Smurfs and Chef. Winning Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and awards for her acting, Sofia has also built up a strong fan base from her various roles.

Sofia has often called growing up in a large family in Barranquilla during the 70s and 80s a struggle. She learned English early on at her local bilingual elementary school though, and soon began studying dentistry. Despite her career aspirations, Sofia was actually discovered by chance while lying on a local beach. A photographer approached her and convinced her to start her modeling career with a Latin American Pepsi commercial. It wasn’t long before Sofia recognized the potential and began starring in various Mexican shows and working as a model locally.

With Sofia already beginning to gain a lot of experience, it was during the mid-90s that she relocated to the United States and started hosting a travel show and a variety series. With these works, she managed to catch the attention of English-speaking viewers when she took a turn in her career during the 1995 American Comedy Awards. At the turn of the century, Sofia won the award of Hispanic Woman of the Year. But, despite her growing success, tragedy struck when she got the news that her brother had been killed in her home country in 1996.

Sofia, troubled by personal turmoil, didn’t let it affect her up-and-coming career. Sticking with her new dreams of making it in the film and television industry, she struck television gold when she made her acting debut during the early 2000s. While no big role was to come for a few years, her decision to begin film acting would eventually change her life. With the movie Big Trouble in 2002, Sofia debuted as an actress when she starred with Tim Allen. The following year she got a role in Chasing Papi. After many years of various small roles, Sofia finally got her break.

With Modern Family premiering in 2009, Sofia was chosen to play the role of Gloria. While many critics felt her accent might hold her back when she made her debut on American television, the role uses it to the character’s advantage, often using it to build on the character.

Modern Family was considered an instant hit, and it gave Sofia her big break. Since she got the role, she has continued work on many other projects, and her fame has grown steadily since the pilot. With more and more viewers discovering her talent each day, Sofia is growing a huge fan base. The series has won many awards and has been nominated for dozens more. Critics and fans alike have often accredited much of the success to Sofia, who plays a pushy and assertive wife that also adds comedy to the mix. The series is expected to continue many more seasons as more viewers jump on board with every episode.

Sofia has earned herself much critical acclaim, a huge fan base, and multiple Emmy awards alongside many nominations. In her pile of titles, she also received four consecutive Golden Globe nominations, and is considered one of the most successful, talented, and beautiful actresses today.

While many critics were unsure to start, Sofia has proven her accent is in no way a hindrance, and she often uses it to her advantage with roles. While she may not have aspired to be an actress, Sofia is considered one of the most successful women today, and many feel she has proven that talent can be earned through practice.

With multiple publications dubbing her one of the country’s most-favored actresses, millions of viewers seem to agree. Various polls and sites have said she is one of the reasons why Modern Family is so incredibly popular today, and these statements have been backed up with the fact that her appearances on various talk shows always lead to a rating spike.

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