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John Force Funny Car Driver

John Force NHRA Champion

John Force Race Car Driver

John Force is a motivated race car driver, and fans know it. Now 56, John holds the record for appearing in the most final rounds, winning the most races, wining the most rounds, and winning the most NHRA championship races in history. Collectively, he has won hundreds of races over his career, and even if he never wins another race, his legacy will be secure.

Undoubtedly one of the best race car drivers in history, John Force still has no plans to slow down this far into his career. John Force, a former truck driver, has been re-energized over the past few years, and fans know that he will continue adding to his legacy for a long time to come.

The father of four children, John is also able to carry on his legacy through the younger generation of his family. In fact, his daughter Courtney is already climbing up in the ranks of racing, and other of Force’s children are following in their father’s footsteps.

While it’s unlikely any of his children will manage to out-do his records, John has admitted his happiness that his children have expressed interest in his career.

After John devoted a long winter to further developing his skills and practicing new racing strategies, his on-going hard work paid off during his pre-season testing recently. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Force clocked in at 4.673 seconds total for his quarter mile practice run.

To follow up to his hard work, Force posted one of the quickest runs in history in the CARQUEST season opening at the Winternationals in Pomona, California. Even though he’s let a championship or two get out of his reach, his practice obviously paid off at his most recent races where he had the opportunity to re-assert his dominance on the track.

At the Auto Club Finals, Force experienced ten losses in the first round, but he still managed to get a shot at the championship title. While this was more losses than he had ever experience in a single season, Force is still held in high regards by his fans and is still considered to be a future Hall of Famer by many.

Despite Force being an incredibly talented racer on the tracks, he expresses similar characteristics away from races. Even those who aren’t particularly fans of racing have made a point to say how accessible, polite, and easy to talk to he is. His charm is complimented by his often humorous and always non-stop banter. The championship driver has proven himself to millions of blue-collar Americans, many of which support him for his character off the track as much as they do for his skills during races.

Force has shown his appreciation for his fans by giving away souvenirs and arguably signing more autographs than any other racer in history. While being personable doesn’t necessarily help him on the track, it’s obvious that Force’s good nature and great character have helped him connect with fans over the years.

Force is never one to turn down an interview, and has always been incredibly open about his strategies since the beginning of his career. Obviously, he either hasn’t given away his key secret or it truly is a born skill, as Force as managed to hold the record for many different titles in the industry.

His dominance both on and off the track in unprecedented. Dubbed “Elvis of the Asphalt” by fans, it’s apparent that everyone – even his competitors – see him in a good light. But, Force’s politeness shouldn’t be mistaken for a weakness, as demonstrated in countless races throughout his career.

Force has always possessed the industry’s fasted mouth, as characterized by his non-stop banter with fans, family, and interviewers, but it wasn’t until Force began to work with Coil that he began to really take the racing world by storm. Coil has since engineered all of Force’s wins and has helped him accomplish his success today.

Admittedly, neither Coil nor Force would have made it very far without each other. Force made appearances in TV ads for Wally Thor’s School of Trucking about the same time he was considering joining his brother Walker in the law enforcement industry. Before he was able to take any of those paths, though, Force realized that all he really wanted to do was race, and that’s exactly what he did.

Thanks to the help from Coil and his millions of fans around the world, Force has managed to establish himself as one of the most successful racers in history, a title he is bound to hold for a very long time. 

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