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Gwen Stefani - Singer & Songwriter

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s Fabulous Life & Career

Gwen Renée Stefani was born in Fullerton California on October 3rd, 1969. Her first name comes from a novel called Airport which was published a year before she was born, she was named after a stewardess in the book. Her middle name is traced back to the 1966 hit song titled “Walk Away Renée.” She is famous for being a singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. She was raised in Anaheim California in a family that was Roman Catholic. Her mother Patti, is Irish, Norwegian, and Scottish, whereas her father, Dennis, is Italian American. Patti was an accountant and later became a housewife and Dennis had a job as a Yamaha marketing executive. Gwen's parents loved music and they were the first to introduce her to influences such as Emmylou Harris and Bob Dylan. Gwen has three siblings and she is the second oldest of them. Todd and Jill are younger and Gwen has an older brother named Eric. Eric walked hand-in-hand with Gwen into fame via No Doubt, but he later pursued his own path and went to work on the animation of The Simpsons.

Gwen had some challenges in school due to her dyslexia, specifically when it came to writing. She loved Evita and The Sound of Music as a young girl. Gwen loved music, even at an early age, and she made a demo tape which she presented to her father. After this she was prompted to take music lessons to better refine and train her voice. It was said that, as a girl, Gwen's singing voice was “unpredictable” and “loopy.” During the high school talent show Gwen made her on-stage debut, singing a song from The Sound of Music, “I Have Confidence.” The dress she wore was tweed and she had made it herself. Many of the women in her family were seamstresses so clothes-making was very second-nature. Some of Gwen's very first jobs included working at Dairy Queen and the MAC makeup counter in a department store. She graduated from high school in 1987 and afterwards went to Fullerton College and then California State University, Fullerton.

The rock band No Doubt is where Gwen first began to make her shot at stardom. She was lead vocalist and co-founder of the band. A lot of this came through the help and guidance of her older brother Eric. It was he who first introduced her to 2 Tone, The Selecter, and Madness. Eric was forming the band No Doubt and in 1986 he asked her if she would sing, Gwen was only 17 at the time. Interscope Records signed with No Doubt in 1991 and a year later they released a self-titled album but it wasn't very successful. Before No Doubt at last saw its rise in success Gwen also worked with Sublime—also before they were popular. In 2001 No Doubt released the album Rock Steady which turned out to be quite a hit and some of the songs in the album even won Grammy Awards

Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (L.A.M.B.) is Gwen's debut solo album, which was released in November of 2004 and in the end the album had mixed reviews but it did sell a number of copies, which was obviously favorable. “Hallaback Girl,” one of the songs on L.A.M.B., was wildly successful, becoming the second number-one single in Australia and her first number-one single in the States. The year L.A.M.B. was released (2004) was also the year that Gwen started becoming more interested in acting and she began auditioning for movies. Her acting debut came along that very year when she performed in The Aviator as Jean Harlow. The Sweet Escape was Gwen's second album, released in December of 2006. Like the first album the second also received some mixed opinions.

The year 2014 had brought with it a great many events. Gwen became a mother for the the third time with her child Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. Her other two sons are Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale and Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. 2014 is the year in which Gwen appeared as a coach on the competition-singing show The Voice. She was also preparing for her first live solo show in six years and there was a lot of talk about a third album, but that was delayed. Last year was a very busy and hectic year for Gwen and it is little wonder that it was a little too much for her to get her third album out. “Spark the Fire” is one of the songs which will appear on the third album.

Going back in time, Gwen married Bush guitarist and lead singer Rossdale in 2002. Together the two of them had their three sons. They had a lovely wedding and Gwen got to wear her custom-designed wedding dress twice. The dress was designed by John Galliano. A couple of years later, in 2004, a paternity test revealed that Rossdale already had a child with designer and model Pearl Lowe. Their daughter, Daisy, was already 15 at the time. Obviously the test caused a rift between the Gwen and Rossdale in their marriage but things were evidently resolved, for they remained married for nearly a decade longer.

Altogether Gwen and Rossdale have been involved for about 20 years, 13 of which was as a married couple, but in 2015 they got a divorce. A lot of concern was taken into the care of the children, and it appears that the parents want what is best for them and agreed to raise them in a healthy way. Although it has been said that Gwen denied Rossdale spousal support it has also been said that their separation is essentially still an “amicable parting.” In August of this year the two reunited two weeks after the divorce announcement at a family outing. They spent the day with their sons at an amusement park. The divorce was extremely difficult on Gwen who said she tried very hard to make the marriage work. In the end they split up over "irreconcilable differences.”

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