Why Monster High is Ripe for a Live Action TV Transplant

The Monster High franchise is one of the most popular franchises aimed at young children and pre-teens; the franchise consists of online episodes, books, animated TV specials, dolls and other merchandise.

The basic premise of franchise is simple: “Monster High” is a high school for monsters, with the main characters in the franchise being the children of famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and so on. In addition to dealing with the typical troubles of high school, the students of Monster High must also occasionally work around problems created due to their supernatural existence—such as one TV special that involved a trouble making genie.

A live action TV film based on the franchise is currently slated for release in October of 2016. Possible plans for a live action TV series to follow the feature film have been confirmed, although the official confirmation has yet to be made—many insiders believe the success of the live action film may determine the future of the live action TV series, since up until this point, the franchise has been entirely animated. A live action TV of the show would almost certainly be a success—and here’s why.

It has a diverse cast of characters


One of the most appealing aspects of the franchise is that there is at least one character to appeal to just about anyone. All of the characters are the children of monsters, although the franchise does stretch the concept of monster to include other supernatural beings. Some of the most interesting characters outside of the main cast include the daughter of a Chinese dragon, the daughter of a faceless Japanese ghost, the daughter of the Loch ness Monster, the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera—just to name a few.

It has a unique macabre (but not morbid) theme


Another appealing aspect of Monster High is that it is radically different from the traditional franchise aimed at girls in the modern toy market. Monster High is comparatively macabre—with vampires, ghosts, witches and other characters who are usually reserved for Halloween specials. But it is this macabre, ghoulish theme that has made the franchise take off—it is different, it is unique, and it celebrates that uniqueness wonderfully.

It has a large, built-in fan base


Monster High is Mattel’s top selling franchise—yes, it has even beat out Barbie! The series has a large built-in fan base which not only includes children, both boys and girls, but teenagers and even adult collectors as well. The high quality of the doll merchandise has been particularly appealing to teenage and adult doll collectors, who appreciate the franchise’s uniqueness. All of these fans are a built-in demographic for the TV series, which wouldn’t have to worry about building up one.

While a live action TV adaptation would be departure from the animated TV and webisode series, it would draw in an older—and more expansive—demographic, who are statistically more likely to watch live action TV shows than their younger counterparts. Watch episodes of Monster High now with a Comcast internet connection!

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