Why Extant’s Season 2 is Failing

Many fans of the summer series Extant were thrilled when CBS announced that they renewed the series, which stars Halle Barry, for a second season, especially since hopes for a season 2 renewal were low. And because the show’s executive producer announced that they had made many ‘improvements’ for season 2, many fans were excited to see just how Extant season 2 improved upon the interesting—though not perfect—premiere season. However, with several episodes in so far, the second season of Extant is performing poorly in the ratings—and with the fans.


The season premiere of season 2 had the lowest premiere for any scripted series this summer, ranking in at only 0.7, which is also a low for the show. The reviews of the second season have also been generally unfavorable, with most of them noting the radical and confusing changes made to the story and the characters from the first season. To showcase why season 2 of Extant isn’t hitting the mark, let’s take a closer look at what is wrong with the show’s second season.

They ruined John and Julie



John Woods, Molly’s husband, was the most grounded character of the first season. He provided the foundation for Molly—and for Ethan—and was central in finding out what really happened to Molly in space and ultimately protecting her (and her two ‘sons’) from being harmed. Julie also played a key role due to her development of Ethan, and her relationship with the anti-robotics terrorist.

However, season 2 completely ruined these two characters by introducing a plot element that was not present during season 1 and seems to only have been written so that the two actors could be shoved out of the way: an affair. In season 2, John and Julie were suddenly revealed to have been having an affair the entire time. John is then killed, and Julie kidnaps Ethan for nefarious purposes. These reveals were completely out of left field and made many fans frustrated and angry, especially since the actors gave some of the best performances in the first season.

Molly is a completely different character


If you told fans at the end of season 1 what Molly would be like in season 2, they probably wouldn’t believe you! And that is because Molly is now a completely different character. Instead of an intelligent, reasonable astronaut who uses her knowledge and experience to find out what’s happened to her she is now close to being the cliché “female action heroine,” who goes around kicking in doors, kicking butts, and never taking names.

On top of all this, he doesn’t seem to care about anyone at this point, even though one of the key points of her character in season 2 was that she had maternal feelings for Ethan and her other ‘son.’ The change, like the change to John and Julie, seems to have only been included to draw in a new viewer demographic; namely those who would rather watch a character like Ripley from the Alien series! To watch recaps of the series, check out the current XFINITY internet deals!

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