What To Expect From Season 2 of “Sense8”

The Netflix Original Series “Sense8” is coming back for Season 2 on May 5 of this year, and fans couldn’t be happier. When “Sense8” premiered back in June 2015, there was a lot of buzz about the first-ever TV series directed by The Wachowskis, known for their legendary “Matrix” films. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of this exciting new science fiction drama.

#1: This series will take us around the world to 8 different cities

8 sensates, 8 cities. That was the fundamental premise of the first season, and it looks like that’s the focus of Season 2 as well. In Season 1, we met Nomi from San Francisco, Lito from Mexico City, Will from Chicago, Riley from London, Wolfgang from Berlin, Capheus from Nairobi, Kala from Mumbai and Sun from Seoul.

According to Netflix, “Sense8” has been shooting all over the world, including London, Reykjavik, Nairobi and Mumbai. That means this is going to be another great TV series spanning the globe. The one city to keep an eye on is Reykjavik. The other three cities mentioned by Netflix all match up to the homes of one of the sensates. But none of them are from Iceland. So this could be a major clue to understanding the show and what happens next.

#2: 7 of the original 8 cast members are coming back

The first season featured an ensemble cast from all over the world, who are linked mentally and emotionally by the mysterious death of a woman. Doona Bae (Sun), Jamie Clayton (Nomi), Tina Desai (Kala), Tuppence Middleton (Riley), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang), Miguel Angel Silvestre (Lito) and Brian J. Smith (Will) are all coming back for a Season 2. But there was one cast member from the original eight – Aml Ameen – will not be coming back after a dispute with one of the Wachowskis. Instead, Toby Onwumere will replace him in the role of Capheus, the sensate from Kenya.

Other recurring members of the cast from Season 1 – Daryl Hannah (Angelica), Naveen Andrews, Freema Agyeman (Amanita), Terrence Mann (Whispers) and Anupham Kher – are also expected to come back.

#3: The show will continue to tackle issues of sexuality, religion and gender

Before Season 1 launched, Lana and Lilly Wachowski said that they wanted to make a science fiction TV series to tackle some of the big issues – like politics, sexuality, identity, religion and gender – that are not typically covered in science fiction shows. So expect a good part of the next 10 episodes comprising Season 2 to include plenty of thematic elements that explore concepts like gender and identity in a global, multinational era.

#4: We’ll learn about the linkages between each of the sensates

In Season 1, the eight people from across the globe were able to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions despite never having met in person. In Season 2, we’ll likely learn more about the links between all eight of these sensates, and why they are so unique. From what we know so far, the sensates are able to tap into shared skills, shared knowledge and even shared language skills. Netflix has hinted that we’ll see more of this “expanding mind” in Season 2.

However, in terms of the actual action that we’ll see in Season 2, it’s still rather opaque. Netflix’s plot summary is vague at best, saying that the 8 sensates will “come together both physically and mentally, plunged into the middle of each other’s tragedies and triumphs.”


#5: We’ll find out more about the shadowy organization tracking them down

In Season 1, there’s one sensate known as “Whispers” (played by Terrence Mann) who is part of a mysterious, shadowy organization who’s trying to track down these sensates. But we don’t really know who he is, or why he is doing this. All we know is that the sensates represent some kind of threat to the global order. Presumably, we’ll find out more in Season 2.

This idea of a shadowy, governmental organization trying to clamp down on certain technologies or certain powers being made available to certain members of the public is a staple of science fiction movies and shows (e.g. “X-Men”), so it will be interesting to see how “Sense8” develops this further.

#6: This series will reflect the vision of Lana Wachowski

The first season of “Sense8” included Lilly Wachowski, the co-creator of the show as well as its co-director. This season, though, she will not return, handing off the executive producer and director duties fully to Lana Wachowski. So, unlike the previous season, which was billed as a production of “The Wachowskis,” this season will be much more of a solo adventure. That means we’ll see a series that’s largely shaped by the creative vision of Lana, not Lilly. The good news here, though, is that Lilly has said she would return for a Season 3, if Netflix decides to green light it.

#7: We’ll learn more about the true story of the sensates

The one strand that tied together Season 1 was the mysterious death of the woman known as “Angelica.” All of the eight sensates saw visions of this same woman, and all of them were haunted by her violent death. But who was she, really? And why was this such a catalyst for the sensates to come together? We’ll surely get more answers to these questions in Season 2.

Every great science fiction has some kind of “origin story” that helps everything to make sense, and it’s likely that the origin story for “Sense8” will explain better the role of Angelica. We might also get a better idea of why there were only 8 people around the world who are linked, as well as the special significance of each of the chosen 8 cities. After Season 1, some fans complained that the series just didn’t make sense, so it will be the job of Season 2 to tie up all the loose ends and have everything make sense.

If Season 2 ties up all the loose ends from Season 1, this could really be an exciting science fiction show when it comes back to Netflix on May 5. It has so many great factors in its favor – the Wachowski brand name, the young multinational cast, a great story, and globe-spanning adventure and drama. Most likely, fans of the show will eagerly binge-watch all 10 episodes of Season 2 as soon as they’re made available. This is one Netflix Original Series you won’t want to miss, and you don’t have to when you sign up for an excellent internet connection in your home.


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