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the perfect guyThe Perfect Guy is a thriller film and it was released on September 11th, 2015, in North America. It was directed by David M. Rosenthal and produced by Tommy Oliver, Nicole Rocklin, Darryl Taja, and Wendy Rhoads. The Perfect Guy screenplay is by Tyger Williams and the story was by Tyger Williams and Alan B. McElroy. The music is by David Fleming and Alti Orvarsson. It was edited by Joan Sobel and Peter Simonite did cinematography. Running time is 100 minutes and The Perfect Guy was distributed by Screen Gems. It originated in the United States, the language for the film is English, and the budget was $12 million. Considering how new the movie is there is no Box Office as of yet. Principal photography of The Perfect Guy began in Los Angeles on August 6th, 2014. Most of the movie was shot at night, and anamorphic lenses and Sony digital cameras were used. Filming went on for 34 days and came to an end during the middle of September of that same year. Because it was intended that The Perfect Guy have a mysterious atmosphere and look it needed to be dark. The very first official trailer for the film was debuted on June 3rd, 2014. Screen Gems debuted it on the website for USA Today.

The cast for The Perfect Guy includes: Sanaa Lathan as Leah, Michael Ealy as Carter, Morris Chestnut as Dave, L. Scott Caldwell as Evelyn, Charles S. Dutton as Roger, John Getz as Renkin, Tess Harper as Mrs. McCarthy, Kathryn Morris as Karen, Rutina Wesley as Alica, Holt McCallany as Detective Hansen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Rachel, David Starzyk as Frank, Shannon Lucio as Cindy, Ronnie Gene Blevins as Roy the mechanic, Wilmer Calderon as Detective Gardner, and Gordon Clapp as Bill Forsythe.

Chestnut, Ealy, and Lathan all joined the cast of the film on April 30th of 2014. Wesley and McCallany joined on August 6th, 2014, and a bout a week later on August 12th Morris came on board.

the perfect guy great cinematography

Leah is in a relationship with Dave, but things turn sour due to the fact that they have differences in what they want in their futures. Leah very badly wants to build a family with children, and overall Dave is somewhat disinterested in the possibility. Their relationship comes to an end and Leah soon after meets Carter at a coffee shop and then again through a chance encounter. On first impressions Carter is charming—albeit in a sweet and humble way, and respectful, not to mention quite attractive. The more Leah learns about Carter and the better they get to know each other she finds him to be everything she had ever wanted. He is devoted and passionate, he even appears to want a family like Leah does. This is, obviously, where the title comes in, and that fact is clearly defined when Leah’s friend Alica states that “he might be the perfect guy!” Carter even hits it off with Leah’s father, making an excellent impression.

Of course, if Carter truly were the perfect guy, there likely wouldn’t be a story. Things begin to change when Carter loses control and badly beats a man at a gas station, all because Carter thought the guy was hitting on Leah. Leah, shocked and frightened by Carter’s display of violence and cruelty, decides it is best to terminate the relationship. Unfortunately for Leah, things don’t quite end there either.the perfect guy sony pictures

Carter is very skilled when it comes to spy cameras and security systems due to the fact that he happens to be an IT expert. This makes him a well-equipped stalker and all the more threatening and terrifying. No time is waste before he begins to become a horror in Leah’s life, and, of course, things get much worse when she and Dave make amends. Everything Leah and Dave try proves to be useless. Dave makes public threats against Carter and they get detectives to look into things, but that is no help. Eventually Leah even gets a restraining order against Carter but that is just a piece of paper to him. It becomes vividly clear that Carter isn’t just a frazzled ex, he is a psychotic maniac.

Many stereotypes and cliches are thought to exist in A Perfect Man. In fact, some are even calling it a Fatal Attraction knockoff—and not the only one of its kind. It follows a particular pattern which other movies before it have also done. It takes the woman and makes her a helpless victim who is subjected to the malice and cruelty of her attacker and makes her vulnerable and defenseless. At first, everything seems well, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing gets into a woman’s heart and turns out to be a violent pscyho. Her boyfriend—in this case Dave—is also rather powerless, even against one other man. Unfortunately, however, some of these cliches and stereotypes do tend to glimmer with rays of truth. Psychopaths and abusers of women, for example, often tend to be very charming and sweet at first, molding into everything a woman wants—this is a reality that later takes a 180 degree shift. There is also always the horror of being a powerless victim which is what perpetuates the making of such thrillers.

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At this point it is too early to really say what people will think of the film overall. There are some reviews, but many people have yet to see it. At this point Rotten Tomatoes has given it an approval rating of 25% and IMDb gives it 4.9/10 stars. Although these ratings are not all that great there is time for them to change. There have been a few who liked The Perfect Man, calling the film competent, satisfying, and appealing, but the vast majority are, at this point, critics, talking about the reasons why The Perfect Man doesn’t quite have it. They say it does not break any molds and they call it lazy, witless, and boring. Soon it will be clear whether the movie is a hit or just a complete miss, but for those who do like Fatal Attraction-themed movies, this one should be fairly good. To watch The Perfect Guy, check out these awesome offers from XFINITY.

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