The Buzz Surrounding Spike Lee’s New Netflix Series

Many of us who are old enough to remember the 1986 movie She’s Gotta Have It recall how fresh and novel it was for its time. The movie shattered stereotypes associated with the African-American populace in the US, and this unique portrayal of the blank community can be singlehandedly credited for starting a revolution that paved the way for more recognition and inclusion of black movie producers and actors in Hollywood. Now, the movie’s director, Spike Lee, is recreating the magic after 30 years for Netflix. However, this time, it will be a TV series with 10 episodes. Here’s everything that you want to know about this show.

Netflix = 1; Showtime = 0

The TV show, also named She’s Gotta Have It, was actually first conceptualized for Showtime; Lee began work on the project with the sole purpose of airing it on Showtime. For its part, Showtime had also shown a lot of interest in the series, and the show had been in development under Showtime for about 2 years. Then, Showtime abruptly dropped the project altogether, which is when Netflix swooped in and picked it up. Although there are so many channels with countless number of TV shows, it is actually hard to find something that is truly original. She’s Gotta Have It is a much-needed, completely new show. Why Showtime cancelled it is beyond logic! Well, with Lee standing behind the project that brought him his biggest success, Netflix can rest assured that it has landed a probable success.

This is Not Lee’s First Project with a Streaming Service

Spike Lee began his career as an independent movie producer, but later, he lasted mega-success in the mainstream movie industry with the likes of Malcolm X and Inside Man. Very recently, Amazon Studios signed him up to create a film called Chi-Raq; the movie was only released in select theaters, but more prominently on Amazon Instant Video. Now, after his stint with Amazon, Lee appears to be all set to work with Netflix on this new project.


The Original Movie was Shot on a Shoestring Budget

When Spike Lee tried to break into the film scene in 1986, he was cash strapped and did not have the resources to back a big budget movie. He begged, borrowed, and did everything he could to arrange the money for She’s Gotta Have It: In the end, the entire movie was shot on a budget of just $175,000 and in only 12 days. But once the movie hit theaters, it created a smash like nothing Lee had imagined. The movie ended up grossing more than $7 million at the box office, which is 15 times more than budget of the movie. Now compare this to the successful big budget Hollywood movies, which easily cost more than a $100 million to make, and end up making only about twice that much.

She’s Gotta Have It is an Avant Garde Piece

The original movie was an Avant Garde experiment in 1986. 30 years later, the concept continues to be so. The show will revolve around Nola Darling, a Brooklynite; the artist juggles her time between her job, friends, and three lovers. Naturally, Nola’s romantic side may not be something that everybody will like. Nevertheless, her fierce independence is sure to hit a chord among women audiences.

Lee is an Award-Winning Moviemaker, and his Magic Will Be Evident in the Show

Spike Lee has been nominated for Academy Awards twice in his career; He earned his first nomination for writing Do the Right Thing, and his second nomination was for his documentary 4 Little Girls. Additionally, When the Levees Broke, his television documentary about post-Katrina New Orleans, won him 2 Emmys. Clearly, Lee is a versatile moviemaker, who has displayed his skills in the field through different forms of entertainment.


The Show Will Last Only 10 Episodes

Neither Netflix nor Lee has released enough details regarding the show, but the only thing that is for sure is that the story will be similar to the movie, and that it will be updated to reflect the contemporary period. Even though the show will air on Netflix, you can get an internet and cable bundle for even less of the price. You’ll be able to stream the show with internet! That being said, there are some things that appear to be crystal clear: for instance, Netflix has placed an order for a 10-episode series. Now, Netflix, Lee, and even the audience who have seen the original know exactly where the show is going; right from the beginning, the show will be produced with the end in mind. Thus, it appears that the show will not be carried over to a second season. In all probability, it will be a single season show with 10 episodes of 30 minutes each. Each of these half-hour episodes will be directed by Lee himself.

The Idea for the Show Came from an Independent Woman in Lee’s Own Life

Lee made his debut movie exactly 30 years ago: since then, it has grown into a cult status. However, it was Tonya Lewis Lee who advised him to make a TV show remake of the movie. Spike Lee is married to Tonya, who is a successful producer in her own right, and he recalls that it was Tonya, who first mooted the idea of remaking his movie into an episodic TV show.

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