Dr Strange Does- Indeed- Look Pretty Weird

The first Doctor Strange trailer has been out some time, and the internet has been abuzz with reactions from fans, celebrities, and people behind the production. From the first looks of the trailer, it appears weird, incredibly reality bending, and dark – every bit Doctor Strange as is portrayed in the comics. Naturally, the internet has been lit with ‘nerd’gasm, and why not! It has Benedict Cumberbatch in it. If anyone could take a Marvel character to the heights and standards set by RDJ’s Tony Stark, then it has got to be B Benedict Cumberbatch. From the first look of the trailer, it appears that Cumberbatch will live up to all the hype that his addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created. Let us have a look at what all we have picked up from the trailer.

Dr Strange teaser promo


It appears from the trailer that the movie will stick to the origin story that was established in the comics, way back in 1963. Stephen Strange, after a crippling accident, ends up with mangled hands. He then goes on a quest to find a way to repair his hands, and in the process, meets the Ancient One, who will help him to embark on a journey to master the mystic arts.


Dr Strange teaser promo

Doctor Strange, be it comics or cartoons, has never been shy of any magic. In fact, this particular superhero has always been amid a milieu of magic, extra-dimensional beings, and what not. This is going to be a whole new ball game even for Marvel. When Marvel created Iron Man movie series, they conveniently left out his arch enemy, Mandarin, as that particular character was too much for the Marvel movie audience. The reason being that his powers were all magical. When they did actually try to bring Mandarin in Iron Man 3, it was more of a halfhearted approach, and was nothing like what fans expected.

The truth is that Marvel has always shied away from magic. Take another example of Scarlet Witch. While she should have been the wielder of chaos magic, the movies made her something akin to mutant. But, Doctor Strange simply laughs in the face of all of this. He is pure magic. There is no escape for Marvel this time, and from the trailer, they are clearly not looking for any. For the first time, Marvel has embraced the magic part in the MCU. This is going to be a magical extravaganza for Marvel fans, unlike anything they have seen yet on the screen.

Awesome Choice

Doctor Strange is the definition of a**hole. And no, not the likeable type like Tony Stark. There are no jokes to mellow his a**holiness. He is arrogant, egocentric, and exceptionally brilliant. There are the same traits that people have come to recognize with Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on BBC. So, Marvel did not even have to try and convince the fans that Cumberbatch was this arrogant magician, who saves the world. Instead, they only have to take care of the “magician” part, and going by the trailer, Marvel seems to have done a magnificent job at it. Nothing surprising though, considering that Marvel hardly ever lets its fans down.

Cumberbatch is universally loved by fans. Hobbit fans know him as the voice of Smaug. For Trekkies, he is Khan from Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Fans have loved him in almost every major role that he has taken up in the recent years. So, casting Cumberbatch in the role of Doctor Strange is simply a masterstroke move by Marvel.

Unlimited Weirdness

Dr Strange has some incredible special effects

To call the world of Doctor Strange weird is a gross understatement. The world of Dr. Strange is full of things that can be overwhelming for an average movie viewer. The psychedelic angle of Dr. Strange can be confusing, but at the same time, opens up a whole world of visual exhibition. Marvel has not failed to capture all the essence of what makes Doctor Strange, well, Doctor Strange. The mind-bending, alternative realities, kaleidoscopic effects, and reality-bending effects have already gotten the fans comparing this upcoming movie to Inception. If Marvel’s recent movie history is anything to go by, then they will deliver the best Doctor Strange we could have ever asked for on the screen, with all that weirdness that comes with his world. The visual effects portrayed in the trailer have floored the fans all over the world.

Casting of Tilda Swinton

Amidst all the love that Doctor strange has received since its first trailer has hit the internet, one thing that has caused some level of disappointment among fans is the casting choice for the role of the Ancient One. For fans who are not into the comics, the Ancient One is a guru with great magical power. He dwells in the Himalayas in the Tibet. After Stephen Strange encounters the car accident that renders his hands mangled badly, he goes on a quest to get them repaired. He eventually reaches the Himalayas, where he meets the Ancient One. The Ancient One promptly refuses to heal him, because he (yes, the Ancient One is a HE in comics) is a self-centered jerk. Only when Dr. Strange foils a murder attempt on the Ancient One by his own disciple, Baron Mondo, does he win grace points from the Great Master. He relents and agrees to teach Dr. Strange.

There are two things to be noticed here. One is that the Ancient One is a man, and not a woman. Marvel has always played a lot with the original stories, and have made a lot of changes time and again in the movies. So, making the Ancient One a woman is not really surprising. In fact, it is quite a welcome move if they wanted to increase the diversity in the movie, which will majorly be a male dominated cast. Speaking about diversity, the “Ancient One from Tibet” is Asian, duh! Naturally, the comics portrayed him as Asian too. So, it is not sitting well with most fans who were expecting an Asian Ancient One.

Apart from this one issue, the trailer seems every bit of a blockbuster it is slated to be. There is no doubt that it will start a new era in the MCU. Make no mistake, Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe. Having him on the good side in the run up to the Infinity Wars will make things a lot more interesting. To see Doctor Strange when it airs on TV, make sure you have a reliable cable TV plan from XFINITY.

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