Is ‘Bad Moms’ a Good Portrayal of Women in The Media?

Bad Moms recently hit theaters, and appeals to a very specific, but huge, demographic in the US – moms. The movie is about three women who are all over-exhausted by their motherhood duties, and are going on a fun spree; they are taking to self-indulgence to enjoy some freedom from their family duties. This movie has as much to do with motherhood as much as The Hangover had to do with fatherhood. You do remember that Phil (Bradley Cooper) was a father, don’t you? Anyway, Bad Moms aimed to be a female version of The Hangover, which is to say that the movie aimed pretty high. When you are aiming high, you have to deliver — at that, Bad Moms has not completely failed or really succeeded.

Another reason for us pulling the Hangover reference is that the directors of Bad Moms, Scott Moore and Jon Lucas, are the same guys who wrote the screenplay for The Hangover. So, you will find their fingerprints all over the movie.


Let it be said that Bad Moms is really funny. So, once they were done with men, and finally put The Hangover series to rest, perhaps they decided to take on mothers? This brings us to the moms of Bad Moms. One thing you have to understand here is that this movie is nothing about motherhood. So, if you were expecting that it would provide a better insight into the life of mothers in general, then you are gravely mistaken. The directors thought that maybe having mothers party hard on the screen will somehow be better than having a bunch of single girls frolicking around with alcohol or creating mayhem in Walmart just for the thrills. For this reason, they never even tried to make the mothers convincing. The men in the movies are all objectified, and clearly have no place in these “fun” times of these mothers. If you haven’t already deciphered the clues distributed all over the place here, nothing about these women in the movie is even remotely an authentic portrayal of women in the real world.

That being said, it’s not like Scott and Jon have portrayed these moms as too outlandish either, as lot of the mistakes these women make are quite common too. However, since moms are usually portrayed as the angelic beings who never let anything happen to their babies, a lot of not-so-perfect moms hardly get any “representation” in the movies. That is, unless they are bankrupt and living in a trailer, hooked on meth, or something like that. Naturally, those mothers, who actually make more than a few mistakes during their motherhood (to be read as almost all average moms), are embarrassed to share their mistakes. But since the movie’s release, they have finally found a voice. A lot of moms are actually taking to social media to confess the blunders they committed during their motherhood. Their accounts are hilarious to say the least. So, yes, “Bad Moms” does go on to strike that special chord with the mothers.


Still, what Mila Kunis and her band of moms do in the movie is all unlike anything that most moms would do in real life — the movie is not to be taken seriously. It is a satire. Just like The Hangover was a satire on men, Bad Moms is a satire on moms. However, one thing that deserves a special mention is the message that the bad moms are sending to the audience. Generally, in these kinds of adult-ish comedy movies, the final theme tends to carry a message that such kind of reckless behavior or lifestyle does not do anyone good. If you look at the events that happened in the Hangover trilogy, it is a wonder that all the men were alive at the end of the third movie. However, Bad Moms does not bother to make any similar messages. In the end, it leaves the audience with the feeling that being a good mom and focusing on the kids is not popular or cool anymore.

Now, although this might not be the most prevalent opinion, the number of moms who believe this are growing fast. So, is Bad Moms a good portrayal of women in the media? No, not really. But then again, it does not actually attempt to emulate real life motherhood. However, it has also made a connection with moms who know that motherhood is not all angelic and perfect. There are goofs and mishaps sometimes, and that should be accepted!  At the end of the day, Bad Moms is a comedy and everybody knows that comedies are exaggerated – just don’t take it seriously and have a good laugh. If you have a cable television subscription, you can watch Bad Moms on premium channels now!


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