Experience the Comcast Double Play

What if you could experience more than 1,000 movies On Demand, over 100 TV channels and super-fast Internet connections, all for less than $100 per month? It’s now possible with the amazing Comcast Double Play promotions that are available in your area!

The one deal that everyone is talking about right now is the X1 Starter Double fPlay, now available for just  $93.88 per month (with a 12-month agreement). This is a combined TV + Internet promotion that is just going to blow you away.  Not only are you getting an unsurpassed number of TV channels and super-fast Internet connection speeds, but you are also getting access to cutting-edge X1 technology that unites every aspect of your digital entertainment experience.

Another deal that might be available in your area is the Saver XF Double Play. This is also a combined TV + Internet promotion, and it’s all yours for just $69.99 per month (with a 24-month agreement).

Comcast Double Play: TV

With the Comcast Double Play, it’s now possible to experience Xfinity Internet connection speeds up to 100 Mbps and get an Xfinity TV package with more than 140 of the best channels out there. Just consider some of the channels you’ll be able to watch with the X1 Starter Double Play:

  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • A&E
  • BET
  • History
  • TBS
  • Nickelodeon
  • Cartoon Network

You also get access to some of the most popular sports networks, giving you the opportunity to watch the very best in live sports. These are just a few sports networks that are included with the X1 Starter Double Play:

  • NFL Network
  • FS1
  • NBC Sports Network

Whether you are a fan of professional or collegiate sports, you will love having access to all these networks – especially on the day of the big game.

And it’s not just the live sports action that makes the X1 Starter Double Play so attractive. You also get access to a vast archive of more than 1,000 movies. You can watch them on any digital device, thanks to Streampix. And, of course, there are always opportunities to add on new channels, such as premium movie networks (HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax) and premium sports networks (such as those featuring content from specific college conferences).

Comcast Double Play: Internet

The reason why this is called the Comcast Double Play is simple – it’s because you’re also getting super-fast Internet connections together with your TV package. With the X1 Starter Double Play, you get Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Imagine being able to stream the best video content, all with plenty of bandwidth. You don’t have to worry about movies stopping mid-stream, or any annoying pixilated screens. You’ll have plenty of speed to do just about anything you want online, including downloading, uploading, streaming, and playing video games.

You also get access to an enormous amount of data (1000 GB per month). For every 50 GB over the data cap, you will only pay $10. But most people never even come close to hitting their data caps – you’d literally have to be streaming movies and playing videogames all day and all night!

It’s the connection speeds with the Comcast Double Pay that users are raving about. 100 Mbps is plenty of speed to connect anywhere from 2-5 devices at one time. So you could easily be streaming a movie in one room, while your spouse or roommate is streaming a movie in another room.

And just check out all the Internet extras that you get with the Comcast Double Play:

  • Constant Guard protection to ensure the safety of your online experience
  • 24/7 technical and customer service support
  • Up to 7 unique email addresses

Thus, not only are you getting some of the fastest Internet speeds out there, you’re also getting full 24/7 customer support. Any time you have an issue that needs to be resolved, you’re just one short phone call away from having all of your questions answered!

Comcast XFINITY Home Wi-Fi

Plus, did we mention that the Comcast Starter Double Play also enables you to create your own super-fast home Wi-Fi network? In fact, Comcast XFINITY takes home Wi-Fi to a whole new level – something that we call xFi, which will change the way you Wi-Fi. You can easily calibrate connection speeds and control the number of users on your network at one time. (And, of course, you can find out if your neighbor is secretly using your home Wi-Fi)

Comcast Double Play offers Internet on the go

In today’s digital world, you need to be able to take your Internet with you, wherever you go. That’s why Comcast has partnered with locations around the nation to offer free Wi-Fi hotspots. Let’s say you’re out shopping at the local mall and need to check the Internet. Chances are, there’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot nearby that will get you up and surfing the web in no time at all!

And, of course, Comcast XFINITY Internet is designed with the mobile user in mind. You can connect your tablet or smartphone as well, enabling you to explore the full potential of Comcast XFINITY Internet on the go!

Comcast Double Play uses the innovative technology known as X1

Looking for a way to unite your TV use with your Internet use? We’ve thought of that, too, and it’s called X1. With X1, you can watch YouTube videos from the web right on your TV. In fact, you can watch just about any video content on your TV now – including Netflix content. X1 is the secret ingredient that holds everything together.

Plus, X1 enables you to access Internet content, even when you are watching TV. For example, while you are watching live sports action on TV, you can also simultaneously access sports scores, statistics and updates! Imagine being able to track your favorite sports teams (or fantasy sports players) all in one simple destination.

The Comcast Double Play is the best way to bundle TV + Internet

As you can see, the Comcast Double Play is the best way to combine TV and Internet. You get super-fast Internet connection speeds, in addition to more than 140 TV channels and over 1,000 movies On Demand. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can do once you’ve set up your free home Wi-Fi network for the whole family to enjoy! You’ll be able to experience the full Internet like never before.

Are you interested in the Comcast Double Play? It’s easy to sign up. Just call this phone number for the latest offers and promotions: 1-858-947-7640.

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