Crowded – A New Upcoming Show From NBC

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the hotly anticipated situational comedy from NBC, Crowded. Crowded stars Miranda Cosgrove, Stacy Keach and Carrie Preston, among others. It has been produced by Todd Milner, Suzanne Martin and Sean Hayes, who together run Hazy Mills Productions.

Plot and Premise


Imagine that you’ve just seen your youngest or only child, leave for college. Finally, after two decades of responsibility, you and your spouse are empty nesters. You make plans to travel, drink and enjoy life as you haven’t been able to for years. With no responsibility or monetary burdens, you decide to live a care free life.

Imagine if that plan gets turned upside down when your child moves back in with you. Suddenly you have responsibility again. Imagine if that then gets doubled when your parents also have to move in with you.

That is the basic plot of Crowded – where six adults have to cohabit in the same house, and the parents are driven insane by their lack of freedom – which they had been anticipating for years. A couple’s two daughters move back in with them unexpectedly, and then they are followed by Mike, the husband’s parents, also moving in with them.


Crowded will have a cast with many accolades. This section will run down some of the actors who are involved in the main cast of the show, and their acting accomplishments to date.

Miranda Cosgrove will play the younger of the two daughters in the family, Shea Gunn. Shea is a very stuck up youngster, and plays everything by the book. The actress will find this as her second starring role, after playing the main character in Nickelodeon’s iCarly. It’ll also find her in her third casting as a main cast member, after playing Carly in iCarly and Megan Parker in the sitcom Drake and Josh , also produced by Nickelodeon.  Miranda has also received a Guiness World Record for being the highest paid child acting star, as well as appeared in films such as School Of Rock, Despicable Me(voice acting) and ­A Mouse Tale.

miranda crosgrove

Carrie Preston is set to play Martina Gunn, the wife of Mike Gunn. A would-be empty nester, she has to deal with her young daughters as well as her in-laws in the show. Carrie Preston is famous for her work on True Blood and Person of Interest, as well as an Emmy award winning performance in The God Wife, in which she earned the Emmy for being an Outstanding Guest Actress In a Drama Series. Her filmography includes Vicky Cristina Barcelona, My Best Friend’s Wedding and the 2004 adaptation of The Stepford Wives.

Walter Stacy Keach will play Martina’s father in law, and Mike’s father. Bob Gunn and his wife were planning to spend their retirement years in Florida, yet decide not to, instead moving in with the Gunn family. Stacy Keach is famous for his narration work, in which he has narrated shows such as The Opie and Anthony Show as well as numerous PBS educational series. He is no stranger to comedy, having worked in the shows Up In Smoke and Titus. His filmography includes Mountain of The Cannibal God, American History X and Children of the Corn 666:Isaac’s Return.

Patrick Warburton will play Mike Gunn, father of Shea and husband of Martina. Another would-be empty nester, his parents also come to stay in his house. Patrick Warburton is famous mostly for his roles in Seinfield, where he played David Puddy, the title role in The Tick, Johnny Johnson on NewsRadio, Jeb Denton on Less than Perfect, and Jeff Bingham on Rules of Engagement. He has starred in numerous other things, as well as done voice acting due to having a distinctly deep voice. These voice roles include, but aren’t limited to Bee Movie, Kim Possible, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Hoodwinked!, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and Mr. Peabody & Sherman as well as The Emporer’s New Groove and its subsequent sequels.

Other members of the show Crowded’s main cast include Carlease Burke as Alice Gunn and Mia Serafino as Stella Gunn. It is also likely that the show will include guest stars and other recurring characters as do most situational comedies, but these have yet to be announced.

mia serafino nbc crowded


The show was greenlighted for production on the 7th May 2015. It has been produced by Hazy Mills Productions along with Universal Studios. The show will air on NBC. Filming began in August 2015, and is due to air sometime in the middle of the 2015-2016 season.

The series has been created by Suzanne Martin, who also shares executive production roles with co-producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milner. Together, the three run Hazy mills Productions, which is responsible for the show.  James Burrows is set to be the main director for the show.

Reception (So Far)

There has been little buzz about the show so far, though NBC has commissioned the show as part of a new drive to put three new comedies on its programming in order to start a new emphasis on sitcoms. Crowded is one of the shows, along with People Are Talking and Superstore. NBC thus considers the show to be a cornerstone of its programming schedule for the next few seasons.

nbc hate kim kardashian

Technical Things About The Show

The runtime for each episode is around 22 minutes. The show uses a multi-camera set-up, which means that multiple cameras are used for filming at any given time and in any given scene. This makes a Mikeed difference in how the show is cut and directed.  The show will be recorded in front of a live camera audience, just as the other Hazy Mills Production comedy, Hot In Cleveland, was.

So far, four episodes have been announced. They are as follows:

1              “Pilot”

2              “Present Tence”

3              “Brother”

4              “Amongst the Waves”

The show is due to start airing in the middle of the 2015-2016 Television programming schedule. No exact date has yet been published for the pilot or subsequent episodes of the show. If you’d like to watch reruns of “Crowded,” sign up for a Comcast internet plan today.

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