Month: March 2017

Did the New “Power Rangers” Movie Deliver?


On March 24, the new “Power Rangers” movie made its big screen debut, and delivered a strong – but not entirely impressive – performance at the box office. Over the three-day weekend period, the film grossed just over $40 million – not nearly enough to topple “Beauty and the Beast” from its No. 1 spot… Read More »


What to Expect From Will Smith’s “Bright”


If you stepped away from the live broadcast of the Oscars this year even for a few minutes, you might have missed the exciting new teaser trailer for the Netflix Original movie “Bright” starring Will Smith. In just 30 seconds, Netflix gave us just the briefest of glimpses at what promises to be one of… Read More »


Will “Ultimate Beastmaster” Be a Success For Netflix?


On February 24, Netflix launched its first ever reality TV series, “Ultimate Beastmaster,” created specifically for streaming audiences. The show features skilled competitors from all over the world taking on an impossibly dangerous and challenging obstacle course known as “The Beast.” The big question, of course, is whether “Ultimate Beastmaster” will be a success for… Read More »


Comcast Head Reveals His Vision for the Company in the Streaming Era

Recently, on March 6 of this year, a major tech conference was held in Palm Beach, Florida. This was the Deutsche Bank’s 25th Annual Media & Telecom Conference. This tech conference is one of the biggest annual events in the industry. It is where the who’s who of the tech industry come together. So, it… Read More »

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Why “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Is Surprisingly Hilarious


Ever since it premiered in October 2015 on The CW, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has seemed like it was right on the cusp of breaking out and becoming a huge TV hit. While the ratings may not have yet caught up to the critical acclaim and fan support (a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!), there are just… Read More »


What To Expect From “24: Legacy”


The all-new “24: Legacy,” which premiered right after the Super Bowl on February 5, looks like it’s going to be more than just another reboot of the long-running “24” franchise. We’ve only had three episodes appear on FOX, and it looks like “24: Legacy” is staying faithful to the original premise of “24” (all action… Read More »


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