Month: January 2017

Is It Time for the “Despicable Me” Franchise to Stop?


The first “Despicable Me” film made nearly half a billion dollars when it premiered back in 2010. It was fresh, original and new. The second “Despicable Me” made nearly twice that: $970.8 million. (Call it an even billion). And now we’re about to get the third “Despicable Me” film in the franchise in summer 2017.… Read More »


How “The Fosters” Sheds Light on Societal Issues


Ever since “The Fosters” premiered on ABC Family (now known as Freeform) back in June 2013, it has been making headlines for its willingness to take on some highly relevant and often controversial societal issues. While the show is geared towards teens, it also has a sizable adult audience, due to its intelligent take on… Read More »


Film Review: “La La Land”


Musicals are dead. That’s what everyone thought, including us, before La La Land came and completely turned this thought on its head. This all-singing, all-dancing musical is an homage to the genre that does not necessarily find Hollywood on its side. Truth be told, the recent musicals, most notably, Frozen and its Let It Go,… Read More »


“Rogue One” Impresses Audiences Worldwide


Rogue One has broken the $800 million milestone in box office collections. Roughly $400 million of the 800 is from the international markets. This is not including the figures from China yet, because the movie is set to release there only by 6th of this month. It should also be noted though that Chinese audience… Read More »


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