Month: September 2016

Why We Love the Characters on “Bob’s Burgers”


It’s not every day that you come across a new, hilarious animated series on television, so when a good show comes your way, you better not miss it. “Bob’s Burgers” is worthy of that slot by all accounts: the show is a story of the Belcher family and their daily adventures of owning a burger… Read More »


Why “Chopped” Is So Addicting


Chopped has been on Food Network for almost 8 years now! Every episode showcases four chefs competing against each other in a cook-off. Each round is an elimination round, and the last chef standing gets to take home a grand prize of $10,000. There is nothing incredibly original about the show, but once you get… Read More »


Is “American Horror Story” Losing Steam?

Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy hit a milestone in American television with American Horror Story. The anthology horror series is now approaching its sixth season – the first premiered in 2011. The seasons are designed in such a way that each season narrates one complete story. The characters, places, and plots all change in the… Read More »

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“Jason Bourne” and A Hollywood Formula That Never Fails


The Bourne Trilogy (that everyone presumed to have ended with The Bourne Ultimatum) was a rare occurrence in Hollywood –the film’s take on the secret world of spies, espionage, and sanctioned executions by governments was quite unlike anything anybody had ever seen on the big screen. It was, for all practical purposes, James Bond… that… Read More »


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