Month: August 2016

Are There Too Many Superhero Movies?


The present obsession of Hollywood with superhero movies can be traced directly to the beloved superhero movie, Spider-Man (2002). Although superhero flicks were made before this movie as well, they were quite rare, and far between. All that changed with Spider-Man. This movie singlehandedly showed the Hollywood producers how they can squeeze out every ounce… Read More »


Is ‘Bad Moms’ a Good Portrayal of Women in The Media?


Bad Moms recently hit theaters, and appeals to a very specific, but huge, demographic in the US – moms. The movie is about three women who are all over-exhausted by their motherhood duties, and are going on a fun spree; they are taking to self-indulgence to enjoy some freedom from their family duties. This movie… Read More »


Can “The Secret Life Of Pets” Speak to Terrible Pet Owners?


The Secret Life of Pets is a new 3D animated comedy film that hit the theaters on July 8, 2016. The story revolves around a group of pets that live with their owner, Katie, in Manhattan, New York. It is a happy bunch consisting of a terrier (Max), tabby cat (Chloe), dachshund (Buddy), pug (Mel),… Read More »


Why Black-ish is a show that America needs


Black-ish is one of the quality sitcoms to hit cable television in the recent years. At the heart of the show are the Johnsons, an African American family living in the US. For the better part of the show, the focus is on comedy, of which there is a lot on the show. However, whenever… Read More »


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