Best Moments of Ilana and Abbi

Life would have been so boring, had it not been for our best or really close friends – friends who are always there when you need them, friends who always have your back, who are with you through thick and thin, friends you can blindly trust and count on. You know, I really can’t imagine my life without my two best friends. They are like my lifelines. Having known them since nursery, school would have been a really humdrum place without those two! We have been together for almost 19 years now and we are each other’s confidants, soul sisters, bridesmaid-to-be and partners-in-crime! They are everything that “best friends” are supposed to and aspire to be. They define the word ‘friendship’ for me.

Speaking of best friends, I bet Abbi and Ilana are almost everyone’s favorite best-friend pair, when it comes to television shows. Abbi and Ilana’s efforts to always have each other’s back create one of the most loved, aspired and hilarious friendships in the history of romantic sitcoms. Two seasons down and the third season of Broad City just about to go on the air, these two are the undisputed queens of sass! They are badass; they are wicked (well at least Ilana is); they are the epitome of great friendship; they are inseparable and they love each other to the moon and back (well, not quite literally!)! From swapping identities, to unsorted washroom adventures, to ditch-falls, from weird conversations with dogs to airport adventures, Abbi and Ilana had us falling all about the place laughing every time we saw them on our television screens!

Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson for Bon Apetit

Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson for Bon Apetit

Having ardently and avidly watched both the seasons in their entirety, I have compiled a list of some of the cutest (also hilarious) and “aww” moments between Ilana and Abbi. Be warned, you might get an instant urge to watch both the seasons and start following even the third one, in case you already haven’t.

1. The two are close enough to video-chat on Skype while making out with their respective partners! Wow, now that’s what I call ‘true friendship’! While Ilana loves calling Abbi while she’s in the middle of the “act” with her partner Lincoln, we are often desperately waiting for Abbi to do the same!

2. Since the beginning of the series, Abbi has had a knack for finding herself in embarrassing and troublesome situations and Ilana has always had her back. Ilana offers up a number of joints to Abbi when the latter is stuck at the bottom of a ditch and then goes on to find help for getting her out of the ditch.

3. Abbi’s “do do ninja” comes to her rescue when Ilana, the “do do ninja”, sneaks her best friend’s poop out to the garbage bin under her shirt after wrapping it up in duct tape, when Abbi realizes that she can’t flush the toilet, because Jeremy is sitting in the hall!

4. In the tenth episode of season 1, when Abbi’s actual birthday dinner doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. Ilana, who is allergic to seafood, becomes unconscious due to excessive intake of seafood and Abbi tries to take Ilana’s unconscious body out of the restaurant after accidentally “stabbing” herself with an EpiPen, in this laughter-packed scene!

5. Ilana takes up the responsibility of looking after Abbi when Abbi has to get her wisdom tooth removed, because her mother can’t make it. Ilana regularly feeds Abbi with too many painkillers, takes care of her “horrifying” makeup and even tracks her down to a food outlet when she fails to look after her.

Broad City Ilana Glazer

6. Being the ardent and crazy fans of Li’l Wayne that they are, Ilana and Abbi devise ways to collect money to buy tickets to one of his concerts. Like they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. They end up cleaning a stranger’s house. But when the stranger refuses to pay them, they wreak havoc in his apartment and flee with his elaborate and exquisite collection of fur coats and expensive liquor!

7. This rolling-on-the-floor-laughing type conversation between Ilana and Abbi when Ilana accidentally drops a drink on her white suit –
Ilana: I hired an extremely diverse smorgasbord of unpaid interns! (Accidentally drops her drink on her suit) Ugh, I just ruined a perfectly clean white power suit.
Abbi: I don’t know if I would call it a white power suit, especially after you talked about that ethnic smorgasbord of unpaid workers.

8. That one time, Abbi goes so berserk with happiness after looking at her negative pregnancy test result that she actually kisses the pregnancy tester, just to realize that she had, in fact, kissed the pee stick!

9. In a particular episode, Abbi is required to compete at one of her company’s events. This episode features a nostalgic and awe-inducing flashback of Abbi as a kid. Ilana once again comes to Abbi’s rescue. But, the whole thing is very

10. This epic conversation when Ilana asks Abbi if she had “pegged” at Ilana’s grandmother’s Shiva:
Ilana: Simply yes or no. Did you, or did you not, peg?
Abbi: [nods]
Ilana: This is the happiest day of my life!

Broad City Hot guys bit

11. Abbi and Ilana gift each other BFF Chocolate Hearts for Valentine’s Day. Now that sure is cute and heartwarming, isn’t it?

12. Ilana loves napping on the job while Abbi works like a donkey. But Abbi never gets paid what she’s supposed to be paid. These differences are what actually make their friendship unique and extraordinary.

13. In a particular episode, in a hilarious scene, Ilana is shown to be having her pizza in the bathroom! Now that is something that you don’t see every day.

These ladies sure have set some serious friendship goals for all of us, haven’t they? They have been together and have been there for each other, no matter what! Now that is how “best friends” are supposed to be, right? The new season of Broad City will air soon on Comedy Central, and you can keep up with Abbi and Ilana when you have a cable television package from XFINITY.

New Funding Round For Mashable From None Other Than Time Warner Network

The dynamics of the world have changed significantly over the last few years, since the internet took the world by storm. We have seen a dramatic shift in the way media and entertainment is consumed. People are not dependent on their cable TV anymore. The younger brass is rather opting for online content. This is why cable companies are now investing in online content companies to get a share of this expanding pie. The latest development on this front comes from the house of Time Warner. The Turner division of the company has invested about $15 million in the popular online platform, Mashable. Time Warner Investments, R&R Venture Partners, Updata Partners, Mike Lazerow, and David Jones are also a part of this round of funding for Mashable.


The investment from the cable giant entails that TBS and TNT channels, which fall under the Turner division, will be working alongside Mashable to create and distribute new video content. The deal brings together Mashable and Turner to work on new advertising avenues and also to explore new technology in the Industry.

This move by the media giant can be seen as a step towards adapting to the changing content consumption patterns of the users. The new generation of cord cutters has forced the cable companies to find new possible areas of revenue, and adapt to the changes happening in the market. With this deal, the company will also get to use the Velocity Platform of Mashable. It is a software tool that can make predictions about the viral content on the internet. By collecting data from various sources, it is able to indicate as to what content has a high probability of going viral.

Founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005, Mashable has created a huge fan base for itself over a decade. Online content has been constantly evolving and in consideration of this trend, Mashable created a new dedicated division last year for producing video content. The video content segment itself has been growing by leaps and bounds. This format is seeing some amazing growth and many digital media companies have dived head first into creating such content for their users. Whether it is BuzzFeed, Vox Media or Mashable, they are all creating more interesting and engaging content to get the traditional networks interested in funding them. Funding not only helps them in expanding their capabilities to produce more videos, but might also help them in creating an entirely new channel for making a mark on traditional television. This will bring them to a much wider audience and help them take advantage of significantly better advertising opportunities.

time warner cable funds Mashable trending

For Mashable, the funding comes as a huge push to improve their current offerings. It will be expanding its production capabilities to come out with more video content in the future. Possibly, these will also be broadcasted on traditional television. In March, Mashable was in talks with NBC Universal’s Bravo for creating multiple web-series. This was their first move towards producing content for a traditional television channel. Moreover, this has given them a boost to really scale up their advertising capabilities. If all these plans are executed as planned, then Mashable will be able to command a much larger audience and greater revenue in the coming years. Kevil Reilly, who is not only the President of TBS and TNT, but also the Chief Creative Officer for Turner Entertainment, is set to also become a part of the management at Mashable. This is a great addition. All that experience and ideas flowing in from an industry biggie, everything looks great for Mashable.

Mashable and Time Warner coming together spells good news for their audience as well. There will be better and much more easily available content for them to enjoy. The user base for online media is only going to expand and these market players already know that. Social media platforms like Facebook have also made it easier to push such content. The subscribers on these hugely popular platforms are consuming more and more video content. So, it makes sense that the media barons like Comcast and Time Warner would want to target those consumers.

time warner cable funds Mashable

Both the traditional cable provider, Time Warner, and the digital media producer, Mashable, stand to benefit from the deal. Such deals have become a commonplace in the industry of late. Last year too, NBC Universal, which is an arm of Comcast Corporation, invested a whopping $200 million in both BuzzFeed and Vox Media. These digital media firms have also seen an accelerated growth in their short video content production. Though Time Warner Cable just got bought out, you can check out other options for cable television use now.

Key and Peele Tackle These Hard Racial Issues with Laughter

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the brains behind the successful sketch comedy series on Comedy Central, Key and Peele. Both of them are biracial. They both have a black father and a white mother. This distinction has created a comfort zone for them, where they can be satirical and make fun of both white people and African Americans. This does not mean that they spare anyone else either. It is not easy to create comedy on issues like race, and still make people laugh, while sending a message to the viewers at the same time. But the duo has achieved this, doing the difficult job with extreme ease over five seasons. Here is how they tackled some of the most taboo issues with a sprinkling of laughter.

'Peele' is played by Jordan Peele

‘Peele’ is played by Jordan Peele

Their first sketch of the show set the tone of what the show was trying to achieve. The scene was set in a street corner in Los Angeles. A well-educated and sophisticated looking Key is talking to his wife on phone about his plans to watch a movie on her birthday. He is dressed in casuals and talking gently to his wife, when all of a sudden Peele comes out of a nearby store. He is dressed in a hoodie and a vest. Peele gives him a hard stare and Key transforms into this completely different man altogether. His accent changes, his tone changes, and he tells his wife – ‘I’m a pick yo ass up at 6:30 then’. This is, according to him, a rendition of a ‘real’ black man. His wife on the other end knows that he must be passing by another African American guy. Key is then seen talking to his friend in the same tone and all of a sudden there is a visible change in light and Key is back to being his regular self.

This is what he says to his friend on the phone then – “Oh my god, Christian. I almost just got mugged right now.” The entire joke took only a total of 45 seconds. But, it touched upon so many controversial topics that it could have caused a wild hue and cry on a serious platform. Their antics do make you laugh, but, at the same time, shed light on a lot of issues as well. One is stereotyping black men and what the people think of them. You have to speak in a certain way to convey your ‘blackness’ and also the probability of being mugged increases when you are around them. It also highlights an issue that an average African American person can easily relate to – being unsure of your own identity in a white world. You do not know where you fit and making your niche is easier said than done.

'Key' is played by Keegan-Michael Key

‘Key’ is played by Keegan-Michael Key

There was a bar scene in season three, where Key and Peele are just chilling out. This is when the guys eavesdrop on two white women having a conversation about having sex with a black guy. All the while they are hearing the conversation they are appalled by the racist comments that the girls are blurting out like black guys may be good lovers because they never had their fathers around. At the very same time, they are also aroused by all the appreciation they are getting for just being black and for their thing. After mustering some courage, when one of them approaches the gossiping woman, the woman just blurts out one sentence, ‘’I’m sorry. I don’t have any money, sir.” The piece showed how black guys still approach white women. Even racism is not enough to hold them back. Do you see what they did here? It was so subtle that it would take you time to process what they were trying to say. You would laugh first, might think on it a little, maybe get offended and eventually, if you understand, chuckle at the subtlety of it all.

However, the show is not always under the radar. Most of the time, it hits right in the eye of issues. A sketch from Season 4 took up a typical scene in a retail store with a black man thrown in a rather white neighborhood. Well, it is an open secret that retail store workers keep an eye on their African American customers, especially those dressed in a ‘certain’ way to avoid any untoward incident. The practice is so common that there is, in fact, a word that describes it and it is called – Shopping While Black. There are
also other issues like black kids being picked up by the police for just roaming around. In the Key and Peele sketch, they take it a bit further. Peele is walking in a deluxe sub-division with his hoodie on and the police stops him. There is some powerful background music and drama built into that silent scene. Policeman’s eyes then see what is printed on the hoodie and it is the description of a white blonde kid. The officer lets him go. Don’t fret, everyone knows its fake, which is the satire. It is okay to be a fake white kid any day over a real black person.

Apart from all the sketches the duo has done over the years, their finale performance takes the cake. They titled it Negrotown, which is more like a dream that they have for the world. They want a utopian society, where no kid is picked up by the police just because he is wearing a hoodie, people will not be followed while shopping because of their skin color, and neither will anyone get shot just because they dress in a particular way, and so on. They came in with a bang and undoubtedly went out on a high.

Racism is a multi-layered issue. By just having a non-white person present in the scene and speaking a few lines is not remedying the monstrous issue. Many shows portray black characters only talking about the ‘important’ white characters, being their best friends, driving them around, being the all-important side-kick. Such things are clearly visible to a non-white person. What Key and Peele understood was the fact that there is racism in everyday situations, which may not be apparent to the person spewing it out, but it affects the one at its receiving end. Key and Peele did not create racial issues that are not there, but explained them using everyday situations, and that is what made the difference. Check out reruns of Key and Peele on Comedy Central, which is included in most cable television packages and bundles.

Quantico Brings Home One of the Hardest Topics to Talk About on Us Soil: Terrorism

Quantico is a new hit show on ABC that opened with a terrorist attack on the Grand Central station in the heart of New York City. The show garnered a lot of attention, because of its casting choices. The lead in the show is Priyanka Chopra, a successful Bollywood actress. This is the first time an Indian actress has been cast as a lead in an American TV series and this garnered a lot of publicity around the show. However, the biggest show stealer of the show is its storyline. It discusses in detail one of the most difficult topics to discuss in America – Terrorism. In the United States, terrorism is a topic that has taken center stage after the attacks on September 11.

Since Quantico made its debut in the fall of 2015, it has made an impact with its mixed-race ensemble cast. It had a non-white female lead, a gay Jewish man who identifies with Zionism, a devout Muslim woman, all fighting through different challenges to make it through the FBI training and become an FBI agent. After the explosion at the Grand Central, Alex Parrish, the brown girl is the main suspect in the bombing. Then there is the conservative Muslim agent that comes under the line of fire. What Quantico showcases is how easy it to paint anybody a terrorist, because of their skin color and faith. However, the finale actually revealed that the bomb was in fact bought by a Simon Asher, and built by Oren Shelef. Interestingly enough, both of them play the character of religious Jews in the show.

Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin star in the show Quantico

Priyanka Chopra and Jake McLaughlin star in the show Quantico

The show has taken a very conscious decision to humanize its characters. Each of the characters has an immersive backstory. The show writers have indicated repeatedly that it is not important where these characters have come from, but what they have gone through. A race, a religion or a language cannot turn anyone into a terrorist, but it is actually a very specific event in the life of an individual that can become the tipping point for them.

Now, this is where the conversations get tricky. When Quantico started, it was just another show following some FBI agents around. Nobody bat an eyelid when the agency was behind the ‘usual’ suspects. However, there was a lot of flak that the show had to go through because two Jews turned out to be the perpetrators. Quantico has opened up a new debate about the conscious or sub-conscious racial profiling that people do.
This and a non-Muslim being a terrorist has stirred quite a controversy. It is interesting to see the discussion unfold. The actors on the show have been threatened on online forums, Israeli groups have come forward to push ABC to cancel the show, and what not. However, the interesting bit here remains this – do you think that all the television shows and the movies that have been broadcast in the States till today were accurate in their portrayal of Islam? Well, it would be safe to say that not all of them were. However, this sudden hue and cry brings to light how easy it is to go with the grain and do what has always been done.

The Show depicts destruction inside the US. a rare event because most regimes are scared of its military power

The Show depicts destruction inside the US. a rare event because most regimes are scared of its military power

It would be a good time to add here that many of the terrorist attacks on the US soil have been perpetrated by people who call themselves jihadis and the followers of Islam. However, that does not make every Muslim a terrorist. So, why is there no debate when Nimah Amin is suspected? The answer is simple – it fits the plan.
In the world that we are living in today, the word Muslim has become synonymous with terrorism. If there is a terror threat, people with passports from Muslim countries, or those with a Muslim surname will be frisked at airports. There is no hue and cry then and most people think it is logical because, of course, most terrorists are followers of Islam. What we are very conveniently forgetting is that few small groups of people are responsible for these atrocities, for which a much larger innocent community is almost always targeted by the general public.

Events like Boston bombings to mass school shootings are not minor incidents. But, these are considered as outliers. Media portrays them as not acts of terror, but as the actions of a misguided youth or a deranged mind. However, if the very same actions are committed by a person with a Muslim name, it is immediately slotted as terrorism.

With Quantico portraying a Jew as a terrorist, instead of a Muslim and that too in one of the worst attacks since 9/11, the storyline has become difficult to swallow for many. Didn’t the showmakers know what they were doing? Of course, they did. They, however, also knew that this was their USP. But, in the process of grabbing eyeballs, they have also brought up a very sensitive topic to the fore. This was the need of the hour because non-Muslim terrorism is almost a taboo topic to talk about in the States.

Tate Ellington also stars in the production

Tate Ellington also stars in the production

Quantico has suddenly made people question the concrete belief that media, movies, and television have planted in our head. This is the belief that only a follower of Islam can be a terrorist. But, Quantico has changed that. It has shown a big terrorist attack first and then blamed it on a non-Muslim. This is the beauty of Quantico’s plot. What it did was first convince the audience that the event was not a regular crime, it was not just some misguided youth wielding a gun, but a full-fledged terrorist plot. Only later does the show sheds light on who committed the atrocity. This has left many a people spellbound. They don’t know how to react to this. It is not easy to digest, and hence, all the hue and cry.

The interesting part is that people have come forward and attacked the TV show for its ‘stupid’ portrayal. What they are forgetting is that the show has never claimed to be a rendition of real events. It is all fiction and anyone can stop watching the show if they want to. However, people on different social platforms going berserk about the show is a testament to the fact that it is not the accuracy of the facts that is at stake here, but the idea that is being proposed by the show is against what the larger public has been fed for years. Watch reruns of the show when you have an awesome television plan from Comcast XFINITY.