Month: March 2016

Dr Ken’s a Real-life Doctor Especially During His Wife’s Breast Cancer Struggle

Looking at Ken Jeong, the talented Korean actor and comedian, no one can make out that he is actually a real-life doctor. However, this both reel and real life doctor had to go through some really tough times when his wife, Tran, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The thing is that a disease like cancer… Read More »


Bones Will Return for a 12th and Final Season

Bones is the longest running one-hour show on the Fox network. It has been a decade since it debuted on September 13, 2005 and for the entire decade, it has been one of the most reliable staple shows on the network. The show has managed to gather one of the strongest fan bases on the… Read More »


Stephen King’s 11.22.63 brought to life with James Franco

11.22.63 logo

Time travel comes with its consequences. Hollywood has taught us that time travel has its rules and any attempt to play with them misfires badly. But, what are those rules? Do you follow the rules that superheroes like Superman do, the ones that mind-bending movies like Predestination depict, or those that our Doctor regularly break… Read More »


Why Shazam Could Take Over the World

Shazam has already changed the lives of music lovers in numerous ways. In fact, we have come so far that any Shazam user can no more think of a world in which they hear a song and not be able to identify it. The idea itself is not new. Shazam has been in music identification business since… Read More »

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