Month: February 2016

Problems Addressed In the HBO Series “The Wire” That Are Still Relevant In Baltimore

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The Wire is one of the most iconic shows to ever hit the television. When the show was still on air, it had developed a cult following. Now, after almost seven years, it is just as relevant today as it was then, if not more. The Wire originally aired on HBO for five seasons from… Read More »


Game of Thrones and Global Warming. Are We All Fighting Against White Walkers?

Game of Thrones, both the TV show and the novels, are immense in their storyline, character development, scope and depth. There is a lot in Game of Thrones that resonates beyond Westeros and reverberates even in our world. Because of its immensity and scope, the story can easily be related to numerous metaphors in the… Read More »


Home phones are dead. Live tweeting and Livefyre Streams are the new way to connect with Television

Everyone is familiar with the today’s reality shows, where contestants are pitched against each other with the background theme being a dance competition, cooking competition, singing competition, and so on. To increase the audience’s engagement, these shows have voting systems, which give the audience watching these shows on TV, to vote for their favorite contestant… Read More »

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Is Silicon Valley TV Series Inspired By the Real-Life People and Organizations Such As PayPal And Google?

Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley TV series has been a phenomenal hit over the past two years. It has already completed two seasons and is well on its way to a third season, which will premiere this April. The show revolves around a group of sex young geeks and their startup in Silicon Valley. The organizations,… Read More »


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