Downton Abbey’s tragic and catastrophic Titanic Link

Created by Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey is a period Drama set in the English countryside. It revolves around the aristocratic Crawley Family and their bureaucracy of servants. Originally filmed and released in the United Kingdom, it was first aired on September 26, 2010. Later on, the show was released to the American audience on PBS network on January 9, 2011. The show has completed its five seasons and is currently running its sixth in the UK and Ireland. It was confirmed from the producers in March, 2015 that the series will be finalized with the sixth season.

Downton Abbey’s Story Line

From the Downton Tragedy- Sybil's Death

From the Downton Tragedy- Sybil’s Death

Lord Grantham’s greatest mission in life is preserving and finding the rightful heir of his family heritage, the grand country home, Downton Abbey. Being a father of three girls, he was unable qto produce a male heir to inherit it all. The original heir to all of the Lord’s wealth, lost his life with the Titanic in 1912.This left Matthew Crawley, a distant cousin of Robert Crawley as the next in line as the heir of Downton Abbey. Michael is a lawyer in Manchester and he has his own life. While he agrees to come to the estate, he brings his socially engaged mother with him as well. This seems to create a not-so-unusual problem. She is often seen having clashes with the mother of Earl Of Grantham, the buttoned-down dowager countess. Other than this, the next big thing on the mind of the Lord is to get his daughters married off. Meanwhile, the staff serving the family works under the presidentship of the butler. The servants, who have led their whole life in the servants’ quarters, are seen to be intriguing among themselves.

Downton Abbey’s Star Cast

The main protagonist of the series Robert Crawley, is portrayed by the British actor Hugh Bonneville. With his family wealth and power as his top priority, Robert Crawley married a wealthy American, Cora, to gain her wealth, which could save the Downton estate from downfall. Over time, he eventually falls in love with his wife Cora Crawley and has three beautiful daughters with her. The series pictures the life struggles of Robert Crawley to save his family and maintain his dignity as a Lord.

Robert Crawley’s wife Cora Crawley, is played by Elizabeth McGovern. Cora is an ardent American, who voices out her thoughts frequently and knows how to keep up with the Earl. She gave birth to three daughters. Her eldest daughter, Lady Mary Crawley, played by Michelle Dockery, has the most tumultuous life on the show. From the death of her fiancée in the catastrophic Titanic incident to her scandalous love affair with Pamuk and finally her marriage to Matthew Crawley, Mary has always had an adventure waiting before her. Robert and Cora’s second daughter, Lady Edith Crawley, portrayed by Laura Carmichael, is not given much importance, and often ignored in important decision making, unlike her sisters. This makes her pretty jealous of them. Their youngest daughter, Lady Sybil Crawley, played by Jessica Brown-Findlay, never grew out of her teenage rebellion stage. She is often seen going out of her way to do things that make her parents mad. She even dabbled with the politics for a while and later became a nurse to serve the wounded soldiers.

Downton Abbey wins the best ensemble drama series at the SAG Awards

Downton Abbey wins the best ensemble drama series at the SAG Awards

Matthew Crawley, portrayed by Dan Stevens, suddenly becomes the heir of the Downton fortune and is quite reluctant of the proposition. He continues to live his life as a middle-class lawyer in a nearby village of Downton. The role of Violet Crawley, is played by the comically gifted Maggie Smith. She faces many difficulties while accepting the changes in her life, such as the entry of telephone into the Downton Abbey. . Violet is very protective (often possessive) of her granddaughters. She goes to extra lengths to cover up for their mistakes. Matthew’s mother, Mrs. Isobel Crawley, played by Penelope Wilton, is in a word, busybody. She and her son live in a village near Downton Abbey. She is a woman with liberal values and shares a strained relationship with Dowager Countess. The other members of the cast include Anna Bates, the head housemaid (Joanne Froggatt), John Bates, Lord Grantham’s Valet (Brendan Coyle), Mr Carson (Tim Carter)’ Thomas Barrow, First Footman (Rob James-Collier), Sarah O’Brien, Lady’s maid (Siobhan Finneran), Daisy Robinson, kitchen maid (Sophie McShera)’ Ethel Parks, former Housemaid (Amy Nuttall), and others.

Downton Abbey’s Development

Depicting the life of an aristocratic family in the Yorkshire country estate Of Downton Abbey, the show was originally created by John Lunn in the United Kingdom and was later brought to the US television. The show has been filmed mostly in the Highclere Castle in the North Hampshire for the exterior shots and some internal areas such as the kitchen, servants’ quarters and working areas, and also at Ealing Studies for the shooting of upstairs bedrooms.

The complete series consists of six seasons, out of which the final and sixth season is currently running on the UK television. Broadcasting rights of Downton abbey were acquired by a total of 220 countries gaining a global audience of an estimated 120 million people.

Downton Abbey’s Success Story

Downton Abbey s Michelle Dockery, Alen Leech, and Hugh Bonneville on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Downton Abbey s Michelle Dockery, Alen Leech, and Hugh Bonneville on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Downton Abbey has proved itself to be a commercial success, gaining a great amount of critical acclaim for its script structure and acting. Many critics claimed the show to be a refreshing portrayal of the historical events perfectly blending with the drama. However, some critics took an opposite stand and called the show superficial, melodramatic and unrealistic. It gained an equal response from the audiences as well. Enjoyed by people in roughly 200 countries, the show has been readily accepted and favored by the worldwide audience. Over time, it has been successful in gaining many awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Films, BAFTA Award, Primetime Emmy Award for Best Miniseries, and many others. It gradually became the show which earned most of the nominations at Primetime Emmy Awards. It also became the most successful British costume drama series in the past century. Further, it was even recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed English-language television series of 2011. PBS is included on many cable television plans offered today.

This is a show made for, but not just for, Girls

Girls is an American Comedy-Drama, centered on a close group of individuals around the age on twenty-something, who are spending their lives in the city of New York. Girls first premiered on April, 2012 on HBO. The series got the nod for the second season in April, 2012 itself. The third season came out in 2014 and the fourth in January, 2015. Till now, the series has released a total of 42 episodes in 4 seasons. The producers have even announced their plans to conclude the series in sixth season.

The show is the creation of Lena Dunham, who is also a part of star cast. The producers of the show are Peter Phillips and Dan Sterling, along with other executive producers Lena Dunham, Ilene S. Landress, Jennifer Konner, Judd Apatow, and Bruce Eric Kaplan.

Girls season 6 preview I woke up like this


The show begins with an introduction of four characters Hannah Helene (Lena Dunham), whose parents have refused to give her any kind of financial support anymore and left her to fend for herself, Hannah’s responsible friend Marnie, played by Allison Williams, her not so responsible friend Jessa, played by Jemima Kirke, and Jessa’s innocent cousin Shoshanna, played by Zosia Mamet, who is obsessed with the TV series “Sex And The City” and thinks that all the life lesson could be learned from that series. Girls is a show that depicts life lived as a rough draft, a failed negotiation, at once hilarious and real.

Girls season 6 preview body confidence


The lead role of Hannah Helene is played by the American actress, author, screenwriter, producer and director, Lena Dunham, who is also the creator of the show. The character of Hannah is that of a egotistical aspiring writer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. After her parents’ refusal of supporting her anymore, Hannah struggles to support herself financially and tries to gain a direction in the life through the series.

Hannah’s best friend and roommate, Marnie Marie Michaels, is portrayed by the comedian and singer Allison Williams (daughter of Brian Williams). She is the only responsible friend seen in the series, working as an assistant in the art gallery. In the later shows of the series, she quits her job as an assistant to pursue the career of a musician.

Hannah’s closest friend Jessica is brought into light by the British-born American artist and actress Jemima Kirke (daughter of Simon Kirke). She is known in the show for her go-with-the-flow attitude, possessing a rather bold and unpredictable personality. At the beginning of the series, she has recently returned to New York from a little break in abroad. She stays with her cousin Shoshanna as her roommate. Jessica faces many ups and downs in her life and constantly struggles her way through the difficult times, including her short-lived marriage and a little stay in rehab.

Jessica’s roommate and cousin Shoshanna is played by Zosia Mamet (daughter of David Mamet). The character of Shoshanna is that of an innocent and bubbly cousin. She is obsessed with the TV series Sex and The City and believes that the series can provide guidance to one’s life. She is a student of New York University. With the progression of time, Shoshanna also matures and often acts as the voice of logic and reason in the group, even though she lacks experience in life.

Girls season 6 preview marriage

Hannah’s friend with benefit Adam Sackler is played by the American actor Adam Driver. Adam is a part-time carpenter at the beginning of the series. Though Hannah and Adam are just friends who like to have sex with each other, but eventually the relationship between the two evolves with the series.

Hannah’s ex-boyfriend from the college Elijah Krantz (Andrew Rannells) reveals to Hannah that he is gay. Though both of them did not have a good start, but they eventually become friends as the series progress.

Other than this, there are many other recurring cast members which include Peter Scolari (Becky Ann Baker), Charlie Dattolo (Christopher Abbott), Laird Schlesinger (Jon Glaser), Caroline Sackler (Gaby Hoffmann), Thomas John (Chris O’Dowd), Mimi-Rose Howard (Gillian Jacobs), Fran Parker (Jake Lacy) and many others.

Girls season 6 preview trailer


Inspired from Dunham’s real life experiences, the show portrays a part of the population which was not reflected in the 1998 HBO series “Sex and The City” or “Gossip Girls”. After the success of her independent film “Tiny Furniture”, Lena Dunham earned the opportunity to create her own TV series along with the producer Judd Apatow. Season one of the series was released in April 2012 and consisted of 10 episodes. It gained a great amount of critical acclaim and was also listed as highest-rated fictional series in the year 2012. The second season came out in January, 2013 with a total of 10 episodes again. The third season, however, had 12 episodes and premiered in the year 2014. The show has gained constant support from the audience and was successful in building a great fan following by the end of the fourth season in March, 2015.


Girls was the show which was welcomed both by the audiences as well as the critics with a positive response. Critics bloomed with the appraisal for the raw nature of the show, which portrayed the more realistic side of women and their relationships. The cruelly insightful and bleakly funny show was as popular among the audiences as it was for among the critics. It gained a huge amount of viewership earned the spot of the highest rated fictional series in 2012.

Girls season 6 preview

Despite the many positive reviews, the show also became the target of criticism from some critics, who claimed the show to be a censored display of sex and nudity, where the characters are ceaselessly dramatizing their own life.

The show has received a number of awards in various categories. Both the show and the cast have won the Awards such as Primetime Emmy Awards, Writers Guild Of America Award, British Academy Television Award, Directors Guild Of America Award, and Art Directors Guild Award. Other than these, Girls has also received various award nominations by Emmy Awards, TCA Awards, Satellite Awards, Women’s Image Network Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards and Golden Globe Awards. HBO is included in many packages Comcast XFINITY has to offer.

Nicki Minaj is a Monster. Straight up! killing the game, but here is why:

Professionally known by the stage name Nicki Minaj, Onika Tanya Maraj is an American singer, rapper and songwriter, originally from Trinidad. Born in in Saint James on December 8, 1982, she was brought up in South Jamaica in Queens, New York. Nicki also has two other siblings. Both of Nicki’s parents were Trinidadians of African heritage, with her father also having an Asian Indian heritage. Her mother, Carol Maraj worked in payroll and accounting department, when with Nicki was young, while her father, Robert Maraj was a financial executive and a part-time gospel singer. Nicki’s father was also a drug addict, and had temper issues, which also led him to burning down their house in the year 1987.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Music Video

From the Nicki Minaj Anaconda Music Video

After many violent episodes, her mother left her father. Nicki then moved with her family to live with her grandmother in Trinidad, as a small child. Later, she moved to West 147 Street, Queens, New York. She took admission in Manhattan’s LaGuardia School. Here, her focus was on performing and visual arts. She wanted to be an actress and also played a part in caa play in 2001, after her graduation. But, unfortunately her career in acting failed to take off. She started waiting tables, at the age of nineteen, at a restaurant in Braunx. But was soon fired from her job because of being discourteous to customers. Nicki herself has confessed that she was fired from fifteen jobs, at the least, due to the same reasons.

Then came the break, she had been waiting for. But, this was not an acting job. Minaj was signed with a Brooklyn group for a short period of time as a rapper. The other members of the group were 7even Up, Safaree Samuels and Lou$tar and it was called The Hoodstars. She soon left the group and started uploading her songs on her Myspace profile. She also sent her songs to many people in the music industry and was signed by Fendi of Dirty Money Entertainment, in the year 2007 for a 180- day contract. She originally adopted her stage name to be “Nicki Maraj” but later changes it to “Nicki Minaj”. It was Fendi that changed her name to Minaj because it had a better sound and was easier to say.

Her first mixtape, Playtime Is Over was released in the year 2007 by Dirty Money Records. Subsequently, her second mixtape, Sucka Free was released in April, 2008. She was crowned the Female Artist Of The Year, in the year 2008, at Underground Music Awards. Nicki’s third mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty came out in the year 2009 and received a positive coverage on MTV and BET. Of the songs in the mixtape, I Get Crazy got to number 37 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs magazine and 20 on the U.S Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart.

Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

From the Nicki Minaj – Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown music video

In August 2009, she was offered a contract by a fellow rapper Lil Wayne and signed she got onboard with Young Money Entertainment. In the same year, during November, she appeared on the remix of Yo Gotti’s 5 Star Bitch, along with Gucci Mane and Trina. She also made an appearance in two other songs on the compilation album, We Are Young Money in the year 2009 itself. Her songs peaked in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and their parent album reached the number nine spot on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Nicki’s Life Post Meeting Weezy

Nicki released her first single, Your Love from her first album in June, 2010. It was ranked number one in Billboard Rap Song Chart and number 14 on Billboard Hot 100. She also made an announcement that the album would be entitled Pink Friday. The album was a huge success and Nicki has the distinction of being the first solo female artist ever with seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously and first women to make an appearance on MTV’s Annual Hottest MC list.

Her album, Pink Friday was released on November 19, 2010 and debuted on number two on the Billboard Hot 200. The first week sale of the album reached 375,000. Since her debut album, Nicki has been in a feud with rapper Lil’ Kim, who stated that Nicki has copied her style. Their feud gained a lot of public attention when Kim went ahead and released her album “Black Friday”. Their conflict soon started a feud between Nicki and Foxy Brown, but the artist soon settled their dispute in the year 2012.

Nicki Minaj- The Boys

From the Nicki Minaj- The Boys music Video

Nicki joined the panel of judges on the twelfth season of American Idol in the year 2012. In October that year Nicki was also in a dispute with the fellow judge Mariah Carey. Their argument included verbal assault and some harsh tweets. But the singers left the series that year, at the end of the season. That year Nicki also became the Most-Charted Female Rapper with 44 entries in Billboard Hot 100 and the first rapper to win consecutively four times, the BET Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Award.

Nicki’s first live-action theatrical film, The Other Women, was released in the year 2014 where she played the role of the assistant to Cameron Diaz’s character. This made her longtime dream to become an actor come true.Nicki Minaj sexy

She released the first single from her third album, Pinkprint, in May 2014. Her second single from the album, Anaconda was also released in August and debuted at number two in Billboard Hot 100. The song became the highest charted single to date and set a Vevo record by accumulating 19.6 million views during the first 24 hours of its release. In June, Nicki became the only artist to win five consecutive Bet Best Award For Female Hip-Hop Artist while also tying Missy Elliot for most wins. She hosted the 2014 MTV Europe Music Award in Scotland on 9th November, 2014 and also won the award for the Best Hip-Hop. She then embarked her third world tour in the year 2015, entitled The Pinkprint Tour.

At 2015 BET Awards, Nicki won her sixth award for BET Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and became the female rapper with most wins in the category. Check out MTV and BET when you have a cable television plan.

Ridiculous love in Modern Family

Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, Modern Family is an American television mockumentary. The series first premiered on September 23, 2009 and has successfully completed its six seasons. It is presently running its seventh season on television. The show is filmed in Los Angeles, California and is primarily aimed at the American audiences. Modern Family is produced by Jeffrey Morton, Chris Smirnoff, Elaine Ko, Sally Young, Becky Mann and Audra Sielaff. The other executive producers of the show include Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan, Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh, Dan O’Shannon, Danny Zuker, Jeffrey Richman, Bill Wrubel, Abraham Higginbotham and Stephen Lloyd.

About The Storyline

Modern Family the family tree

Modern Family

The show revolves around the large and unconventional family of Jay Pritchett. Jay has been given a second chance in marriage to a much younger and gorgeous Colombian girl, Gloria. She is very passionate about life, which can also be seen in her son Manny, the twelve year old rock star who lives to the beat of his own drum. Jay’s grown Daughter, Claire lives with her husband, Phil, and is a proud mother of three kids with whom she want an open and healthy relationship. Eldest Daughter Hailey is an independent teenager, is growing a little too fast. Middle daughter Alex is too intelligent for her own good and the youngest son Luke always has his head-in-the-clouds.

Claire’s brother and Jay’s lawyer son, Mitchell, along with his long partner Cameron, has recently embraced a life changing decision of adopting a daughter and is now the father of a Vietnamese baby, Lily. The two men make a happy gay couple, learning about the changes that happen with the arrival of a new life in their Family.

Star Cast

Sarah Hyland is Haley Dunphy

Sarah Hyland is Haley Dunphy

The character of the head of the family, Jay Pritchett is played by Edward Leonard “Ed” O’Neill, previously seen in “Married… With Children”. In his second marriage with the young and beautiful Gloria, Jay is given somewhat of a second chance to live his life with passion and enjoy a Round 2 of parenthood with his son, Manny.

Gloria Pritchett, Jay’s second wife, is portrayed by the AMLA Award nominee Sofia Margarita. Gloria believes in living the life to the fullest and enjoys indulging in new activities in her routine life. Her passionate attitude is equally shared by her 12 year old son, Manny Delgado, played by Rico Rodriguez. Jay’s grown up daughter Claire Dunphy is played by the American actress Julie Bowen. Being a mother of three she is grounded, responsible and regimented. Her husband, Phil Dunphy, portrayed by Ty Burrell, is a very much devoted dad and a loving husband who tends to be a big dreamer while making the most out of little things. Phil, sometimes acts like a bigger kid than his children, even though he always has his best intentions. Phil and Claire, however, make a perfect couple when it comes to handling their children and maintaining a healthy relationship among the family members. Their eldest daughter Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) is an eye-rolling teen, who generally could not see eye-to-eye with her parents on anything. Their middle daughter, Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter), is the one with a lot of brains in the family. She comes as way too smart for her age. And last but not the least, the youngest member of the Dunphy family, and Phil and Claire’s youngest son, Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould), is the airheaded young man who is rather scatterbrained.

Sofia Vergara is Gloria

Sofia Vergara is Gloria

Claire’s brother and Jay’s grown son, Mitchell Pritchett is portrayed by Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Mitchell is more buttoned down in nature. Mitchell is living with his lifelong partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), who is a complete opposite to Mitchell. He has a wonderfully big personality with a flair for dramatics. Cameron and Mitchell have recently adopted a baby girl Lily-Tucker Pritchett (Audrey Anderson Emmons). Both of them enjoy their roles as parents developing their own family.


The show was developed from an idea by the creators, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, who liked to share their family stories with each other. The show was originally called “My American Family” which soon turned into Modern Family. The show was originally designed to be delivered in the form of a documentary by a Dutch Filmmaker, who had lived with Jay’s family as a teenage exchange student. But the producers later found the concept to be unnecessary and settled with “a family show done documentary-style”, making the show more of a Mockumentary.

Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell as Pjill and Claire Dunphy

Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell as Pjill and Claire Dunphy

The show debuted on September 23, 2009. In no time, it became the sixth highest rated scripted show and third highest rated new show in America with the arrival of its first season. The show’s second season, released in September 2010, became the highest rated show on television in America. It has successfully delivered a total of six seasons, while the seventh season is going on right now.


Right from the beginning of the series, Modern Family has been applauded by the television critics for its script as well as the extremely talented actors. Appreciated for its amazing storyline and great acting, the show was favored by both the critics and the audiences. The show is often recalled as the “funnies family comedy”. Reports have stated Modern Family as the tenth-highest revenue-generating show, registering a profit of almost $2.13 million an episode.

Over the years, it has been receiving and getting nominated for many awards. The show has won a host of awards, the likes of which include multiple Primetime Emmy Awards, multiple Writers Guild of America Awards, Golden Globe Awards, GLSEN Respect Award, and so on. It has even won a nomination for the British Academy Television Award. The show has even made it to the lists of top series of the Writers Guild of American and TV Guide. Sign up for a cable television package with Comcast XFINITY to watch Modern Family on ABC.