Month: August 2015

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The Latest Show In The DC Universe

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is an upcoming TV show that is due to air on The CW network. It’s an American show, and has been developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Mark Guggenheim. Mark Guggenheim is also an executive producer, along with the showrunner for the show, Phil Klemmer, and finally, Sarah Schechter. The… Read More »


The Family – A New And Upcoming Political Drama For ABC

The Family is an upcoming (as of 2015) US based political drama starring Joan Allen. Produced by ABC Studios, the Mandeville Television company and The Minnesota Logging Company, the show centres around the character of Claire Warren, who is running for governor of the fictional Red Pines city in California. Plot and Premise Claire Warren,… Read More »


Crowded – A New Upcoming Show From NBC

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the hotly anticipated situational comedy from NBC, Crowded. Crowded stars Miranda Cosgrove, Stacy Keach and Carrie Preston, among others. It has been produced by Todd Milner, Suzanne Martin and Sean Hayes, who together run Hazy Mills Productions. Plot and Premise Imagine that you’ve just… Read More »


Dr Ken – The New Upcoming Show From ABC

Dr Ken is an upcoming show from the network provider ABC, due to debut in the Autumn of 2015, or in television season terms, the 2015-2016 television cycle. It is a situational comedy (sit-com) that is likely to be reminiscent of The Office, except in the medical industry. Plot and Premise Dr Ken is the… Read More »


Why Sailor Moon Crystal Really Isn’t Terrible

Sailor Moon Crystal is currently in the midst of its second season; the reviews for the first season of the show—which is a rebooted cartoon of the original Sailor Moon story arc—were less than glowing. Many critics and fans disliked the show’s poor animation, which is attributed to being a direct result of the low… Read More »


Why Monster High is Ripe for a Live Action TV Transplant

The Monster High franchise is one of the most popular franchises aimed at young children and pre-teens; the franchise consists of online episodes, books, animated TV specials, dolls and other merchandise. The basic premise of franchise is simple: “Monster High” is a high school for monsters, with the main characters in the franchise being the… Read More »


Why Extant’s Season 2 is Failing

Many fans of the summer series Extant were thrilled when CBS announced that they renewed the series, which stars Halle Barry, for a second season, especially since hopes for a season 2 renewal were low. And because the show’s executive producer announced that they had made many ‘improvements’ for season 2, many fans were excited… Read More »


Why a ‘Descendants 2’ Is Almost Certainly In the Cards

Disney’s Descendants has been one of the most hyped Disney Channel Original TV Movies in recent years. The TV film, which was directed by Kenny Ortega, is based around the premise that all of the famous Disney villains (and their little sidekicks, too) were banished to a magic-less island while the Disney protagonists joined their… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Netflix’s Marco Polo

Netflix is no stranger to original programming, even original programming with a historical angle; but its recent epic series, Marco Polo, is the most production-intensive historical drama to premiere on the service in its entire history. The series focuses on the famous explorer Marco Polo, who spent several years living at the court of Kublai… Read More »


What We Know So Far About The Walking Dead Spin-off

The Walking Dead is not just AMC’s most popular show—it is one of the most popular shows currently airing on TV. The series, which is based on a comic book series of the same name, has been providing thrills, drama, romance, and plenty of zombies to viewers for several reasons; and now AMC is finally… Read More »


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