DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: The Latest Show In The DC Universe

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is an upcoming TV show that is due to air on The CW network.

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It’s an American show, and has been developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Mark Guggenheim. Mark Guggenheim is also an executive producer, along with the showrunner for the show, Phil Klemmer, and finally, Sarah Schechter.

The show is scheduled to air in 2016, at the very end of the 2015-2016 TV season. DC’s Legends of tomorrow is a spin-off of the successful DC shows Arrow and The Flash.


Plot and Premise

legends of tomorrow

Rip Hunter is a character in the DC Universe. He is a time-traveller. In the season finale of The Flash, he is mentioned. This is to set up the beginning of the show DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, in which Rip Hunter travels back in time (to the present day) in order to prevent the end of the world itself at the hands of the series’ main antagonist, Vandal Savage. To do this, Hunter needs to assemble a team of heroes and villains in order to thwart Vandal Savage’s plans.


legends of tomorrow first look trailer full cast

 Arthur Darvill will play Rip Hunter. Darvill is a television actor who is famous for his role in the BBC science fiction drama Dr Who as the eleventh doctor’s assistant Rory, and also his role as the Reverend Paul Coates in Broadchurch.

Victor Garber will play Firestorm/Professor Martin Stein. The character is a nuclear physicist obsessed with transmutation. Garber is previously known for playing the same character in The Flash, and previous to that he was best known for his roles in James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic and Sleepless In Seattle.

Brandon Routh will play The Atom. The Atom is already a character in the series Arrow, and the character is a famous DC hero. He is the CEO of Palmer industries, a scientist and an inventor. Brandon Routh has also played Superman in Superman Returns, and been in movies such as Zach and Miri make a Porno and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Casper Crump will play Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage is the main antagonist for the show. His plan is to take over, and gain dominion over, the entire world. He is 6000 years old, and has been manipulating world leaders and other important figures for centuries in order to achieve his plan. Casper Crump is an actor who is best known for playing Rune in Almost Perfect and Enzo in the Helium. He has also appeared as Vandal Savage in both The Flash and Arrow previously.

Grant Gustin will act in a guest starring role as The Flash. The main character in the series of the same name, in overlapping episodes The Flash will appear. Grant Gustin has also acted in Glee in which he was a recurring character, though The Flash is first starring role.

Caity Lotz will appear in the role of Sara / White Canary. Lotz was previously cast as a main character in Arrow, yet her character was killed off. Yet, in the fourth season of Arrow, the character was revived through use of the Lazarus Pit. This was specifically so the character could be portrayed in the spin-off show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Her original superhero alias was Canary, and the resurrection will result in her name being changed to White Canary.  Lotz is also known for acting in Death Valley, a mockumentary, and The Pact, a horror film.

Ciara Renee will appear as Kendra Saunders/ Hawkgirl. Ciara Renee previously played Esmerelda in Disney’s Broadway adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Her first major role on television, Hawkgirl has yet to appear in either of the Arrow Universe shows, and so will be new for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.



the legends of tomorrow cw dc

The show was considered very early on in terms of its placing between The Flash and Arrow. The spin-off show which would become Legends of Tomorrow was conceptualized as a team-up show for the various superheroes that inhabit the DC Universe. The series would be populated mostly by the recurring cast of the two shows, Flash and Arrow, yet would feature three main characters from the universe that had never been seen on the screen before.

Casting was mostly completed due to the nature of the show being a cross over, though the casting was finalised in April 2015.

The show began filming in August 2015, and is scheduled for a January 2016 premiere.

Background of The Show / The DC Universe

Arrow is set in what has come to be called “The Arrowverse” a sub-Universe of the DC universe. The Flash takes place in the same time and place, and presumably DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will occur in the same space, though with the time travel element included, there may be twists and surprises related to the time.

The fourth season of Arrow, and the third season of The Flash both saw set-ups occur for the new series. In Arrow, The Canary was brought back to life through use of The Lazarus Pit, and this allows the character to be reprised as White Canary for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. In The Flash, the last episode saw Vandal Savage appear. Also, earlier on in the season, Renee had a cameo, setting up Legends of Tomorrow.

The Universe is set in Starling City, where Arrow is a character similar to Bruce Wayne/Batman in Gotham. Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy, who after a trial by fire – a shipwrecking – returns to fight crime under a moniker and with a disguise. The Flash is set in Starling City, and The Flash is a character who after an accident finds he has a true superpower – moving at super-fast speeds.


Other Things About The Show

Each episode of the show will last for approximately forty three minutes, and the show is due to air on The CW network. It uses a single camera set up, and is being distributed by Warner Brothers Television distribution company. Check out Comcast XFINITY internet packages to watch Legends of Tomorrow again and again.

The Family – A New And Upcoming Political Drama For ABC

The Family is an upcoming (as of 2015) US based political drama starring Joan Allen. Produced by ABC Studios, the Mandeville Television company and The Minnesota Logging Company, the show centres around the character of Claire Warren, who is running for governor of the fictional Red Pines city in California.

Plot and Premise

the family

Claire Warren, played by Joan Allen, is a ruthlessly driven woman who is campaigning for the role of Governor of Red Pines City, a fictional place in the state of California. The story centres on her son, Adam, who is believed to have been dead for over ten years after disappearing, and his “return from the dead” during Claire Warren’s campaign.


the family abc

Joan Allen plays Claire Warren. She is the matriarch of the Warren family, as well as being a ruthless and ambition-based villain who is trying to run for Governor of the city of Red Pines in California. During her campaign, her son, who has been missing for twelve years, returns. Joan allen is famous for roles in broadway, television and on the big screen. In fact, she has been nominated for an Academy award on three occasions; firstly she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Nixon (1995) and The Crucible (1996), and then for Best Actress for The Contender (2000). She has also been in diverse, successful films from the 1980’s onwards, including Manhunter, Tucker: The Man and his Dream, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremacy. Her theatre credits include many productions for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, which John Malkovich asked her to join.

Liam James plays the son of Claire Warren. Previous to the commencement of the show, his character, Adam, was presumed dead for over ten years. Liam James, a Canadian actor, is most famously noted for his roles as Noah Curtis in the 2009 film 2012, young Shawn Spencer on the USA Network television series Psych, and the lead character, Duncan, in 2013’s The Way, Way Back. He has also starred as Jack Linden in AMC’s The Killing, where he played the son of the main character, Sarah Linden. His look is almost unique, because he has heterochromia iridum which gives him one green and one blue eye.

Margot Bingham will play a sergeant, Nina Meyer. She has a vested interest in the re-appearance of Adam, as her career before the show begins was hugely successful – in no small part because she managed to catch Hank, who was assumed to be guilty of the murder of Adam. Margot has previously appeared in several films, including The Erotic Fire of the Unattainable and Her Burning Blue, but is best known for her recurring role as the 1920’s jazz singer Daughter Maitland in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Zach Gilford will play Danny Warren, who is the older son of Claire Warren, and Adam’s sibling. Zach Gilford is previously known for his roles in Off the Map, Friday Night Lights and The Mob Doctor, in which he has been a series regular for all three shows. He also has a filmography including The Purge: Anarchy.

Rupert Graves will play John Warren, Claire’s husband. He is known for his early roles in A Room with a View, Maurice, and The Madness of King George, as well as for his more recent role as DI Lestrade in the television series Sherlock.

The series will also star Alison Pill as Willa Warren, Claire’s daughter, Floriana Lima as Bridey Howard, who is a reporter that has a personal connection to Adam Warren, Andrew McCarthy as Hank, the man who was convicted of Adam’s murder and spent ten years in prison (as well as the Warren’s former neighbour),  Madeleine Arthur as young Willa Warren, Rarmian Newton as young Danny Warren, and Alex Steele as a young Bridey Howard.


the family sad

On 24th September, 2014, it was announced that ABC had bought the rights to Scandal’s writer Jenna Barnes. The script was for an untitled mystery drama. Mandeville Television and ABC Studios are co-producing the show, and Bans is serving as an executive producer, in addition to her co-executive producers David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Laurie Zaks. The pilot was given the go ahead on January 28th of the following year.

Filming of the pilot began in March 2015, and the pilot was directed by Paul Mcguigan.

Casting for the main series began in February of 2015, and various announcements of new cast members occurred between February the 13th, when Zach Guildford was announced as being a recurring member, and March 12th, when Rupert Graves was the final main cast member to be announced, in the role of Claire Warren’s husband.

An airing for the pilot and subsequent episodes has yet to receive a date, and it has yet to be revealed how many episodes are set to comprise a season. All that is known is that the show will begin airing in the 2015-2016 season.

Reception (So Far)

the family creepy kid

The series has yet to be aired, and thus yet to be reviewed by any notable critics. However, ABC has spared a lot of expense in getting a solid cast, and thus is showing that they believe the show will be a success. In particular, Joan Allen is returning to the television after many years starring as an A-Lister in many movies. She seems to be part of the ongoing series of stars who have returned to the television instead of staying in movies. Other notable actors who have done this include Steve Buscemi (for Boardwalk Empire,) Matthew McConaughey (for True Detective) and Kevin Spacey (for House Of Cards.)

Technical Things About The Show

Finally, here are some final details about the show which weren’t mentioned in the production section. The film is going to be distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television, and each episode will run for 42 minutes. The show will air as part of the 2015-2016 television season. The picture format will be in 480 for Standard Definition broadcasts and 1080i for high definition broadcasts. If you have a current Comcast XFINITY internet connection, you can watch episodes of “The Family” any time.

Crowded – A New Upcoming Show From NBC

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the hotly anticipated situational comedy from NBC, Crowded. Crowded stars Miranda Cosgrove, Stacy Keach and Carrie Preston, among others. It has been produced by Todd Milner, Suzanne Martin and Sean Hayes, who together run Hazy Mills Productions.

Plot and Premise


Imagine that you’ve just seen your youngest or only child, leave for college. Finally, after two decades of responsibility, you and your spouse are empty nesters. You make plans to travel, drink and enjoy life as you haven’t been able to for years. With no responsibility or monetary burdens, you decide to live a care free life.

Imagine if that plan gets turned upside down when your child moves back in with you. Suddenly you have responsibility again. Imagine if that then gets doubled when your parents also have to move in with you.

That is the basic plot of Crowded – where six adults have to cohabit in the same house, and the parents are driven insane by their lack of freedom – which they had been anticipating for years. A couple’s two daughters move back in with them unexpectedly, and then they are followed by Mike, the husband’s parents, also moving in with them.


Crowded will have a cast with many accolades. This section will run down some of the actors who are involved in the main cast of the show, and their acting accomplishments to date.

Miranda Cosgrove will play the younger of the two daughters in the family, Shea Gunn. Shea is a very stuck up youngster, and plays everything by the book. The actress will find this as her second starring role, after playing the main character in Nickelodeon’s iCarly. It’ll also find her in her third casting as a main cast member, after playing Carly in iCarly and Megan Parker in the sitcom Drake and Josh , also produced by Nickelodeon.  Miranda has also received a Guiness World Record for being the highest paid child acting star, as well as appeared in films such as School Of Rock, Despicable Me(voice acting) and ­A Mouse Tale.

miranda crosgrove

Carrie Preston is set to play Martina Gunn, the wife of Mike Gunn. A would-be empty nester, she has to deal with her young daughters as well as her in-laws in the show. Carrie Preston is famous for her work on True Blood and Person of Interest, as well as an Emmy award winning performance in The God Wife, in which she earned the Emmy for being an Outstanding Guest Actress In a Drama Series. Her filmography includes Vicky Cristina Barcelona, My Best Friend’s Wedding and the 2004 adaptation of The Stepford Wives.

Walter Stacy Keach will play Martina’s father in law, and Mike’s father. Bob Gunn and his wife were planning to spend their retirement years in Florida, yet decide not to, instead moving in with the Gunn family. Stacy Keach is famous for his narration work, in which he has narrated shows such as The Opie and Anthony Show as well as numerous PBS educational series. He is no stranger to comedy, having worked in the shows Up In Smoke and Titus. His filmography includes Mountain of The Cannibal God, American History X and Children of the Corn 666:Isaac’s Return.

Patrick Warburton will play Mike Gunn, father of Shea and husband of Martina. Another would-be empty nester, his parents also come to stay in his house. Patrick Warburton is famous mostly for his roles in Seinfield, where he played David Puddy, the title role in The Tick, Johnny Johnson on NewsRadio, Jeb Denton on Less than Perfect, and Jeff Bingham on Rules of Engagement. He has starred in numerous other things, as well as done voice acting due to having a distinctly deep voice. These voice roles include, but aren’t limited to Bee Movie, Kim Possible, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Hoodwinked!, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and Mr. Peabody & Sherman as well as The Emporer’s New Groove and its subsequent sequels.

Other members of the show Crowded’s main cast include Carlease Burke as Alice Gunn and Mia Serafino as Stella Gunn. It is also likely that the show will include guest stars and other recurring characters as do most situational comedies, but these have yet to be announced.

mia serafino nbc crowded


The show was greenlighted for production on the 7th May 2015. It has been produced by Hazy Mills Productions along with Universal Studios. The show will air on NBC. Filming began in August 2015, and is due to air sometime in the middle of the 2015-2016 season.

The series has been created by Suzanne Martin, who also shares executive production roles with co-producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milner. Together, the three run Hazy mills Productions, which is responsible for the show.  James Burrows is set to be the main director for the show.

Reception (So Far)

There has been little buzz about the show so far, though NBC has commissioned the show as part of a new drive to put three new comedies on its programming in order to start a new emphasis on sitcoms. Crowded is one of the shows, along with People Are Talking and Superstore. NBC thus considers the show to be a cornerstone of its programming schedule for the next few seasons.

nbc hate kim kardashian

Technical Things About The Show

The runtime for each episode is around 22 minutes. The show uses a multi-camera set-up, which means that multiple cameras are used for filming at any given time and in any given scene. This makes a Mikeed difference in how the show is cut and directed.  The show will be recorded in front of a live camera audience, just as the other Hazy Mills Production comedy, Hot In Cleveland, was.

So far, four episodes have been announced. They are as follows:

1              “Pilot”

2              “Present Tence”

3              “Brother”

4              “Amongst the Waves”

The show is due to start airing in the middle of the 2015-2016 Television programming schedule. No exact date has yet been published for the pilot or subsequent episodes of the show. If you’d like to watch reruns of “Crowded,” sign up for a Comcast internet plan today.

Dr Ken – The New Upcoming Show From ABC

Dr Ken is an upcoming show from the network provider ABC, due to debut in the Autumn of 2015, or in television season terms, the 2015-2016 television cycle. It is a situational comedy (sit-com) that is likely to be reminiscent of The Office, except in the medical industry.

Plot and Premise

as a doctor he is fearless dr ken

Dr Ken is the brain child of actor Ken Jeong. Ken Jeong, before turning into a stand-up comedian and then later an actor, was previously a doctor. He claims that this is the inspiration for the new show, which sees a Dr, (Dr Ken, the title character) try to balance a stressful career with a family life. The main character is Dr Ken, played by Ken Jeong, and other main characters include the doctor’s family and his colleagues, including his therapist wife.


Ken Jeong plays the main character, Dr Ken Park. Ken Park is a physicist living in the United States. Ken Jeong has previously been a doctor and a stand-up comic. He is mostly famous for his role in the comedy series Community as well as playing the gangster Leslie Chow in the comedy movie trilogy, The Hangover series. Other work in television has seen him on The Office, The Improv, Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm. In addition to The Hangover, Jeong has also appeared on Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Knocked Up and Pineapple Express. Dr Ken will see Jeong take to both the director’s chair and the executive-production role for the first time in his career.

as a father he is clueless dr ken

Suzy Nakamura is set to play Ken Park’s wife, a therapist, in a starring role opposite the main character. Suzy Nakamura is previously recognized for her guest appearances in shows such as According to Jim, Half and Half, 8 Simple Rules, Curb Your Enthusiasm and How I Met Your Mother. In addition, she has also played roles outside of situational comedies, such as her recurring role in the early seasons of the drama The West Wing as assistant to the Sam Seaborn character, as well as Dr. Miura in mockumentary Modern Family, created by the ABC network.

Tisha Michelle Campbell-Martin will play Damona. Tisha Michelle Campbell-Martin is previously famous for work on the FOX television series Martin as Gina Waters-Payne from 1992 to 1997; and as Janet “Jay” Johnson-Kyle on the ABC television sitcom My Wife and Kids from 2001 to 2005, which were both starring roles. Her first television role was as a child in the nineteen seventies. In addition to television, she has appeared in films such as Little Shop Of Horrors and Zack and Miri Make A Porno. She has also released an album of music.

David Scott Foley will play a main character in Dr Ken, Pat. Foley is a Canadian actor, comedian, writer, director and producer, best known for his work in The Kids in the Hall and NewsRadio.  He has also appeared in numerous webcam shows, television shows, movies and music videos. Elsewhere, he has worked as a songwriter.

Jonathan Slavin will play “Clark.” Slavin has appeared in numerous television shows, including but not limited to: Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, My Name Is Earl, Summerland, Friends, Weeds, Wings, ER, Chicago Hope, Ugly Betty, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bones, Better With You, Legit, Raising Hope, The Finder, and Friends with Better Lives.

Margaret Cho is slated to appear in a guest starring role. Margaret show is a noted artist, fashion designer and television personality. She is famous for her support of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual) movement. She made her acting debut on television in the fourth season of Sex And The City, and previous to that she’d played the role of Wanda in the 1997 film, Face / Off. She has since written shows and films herself, as well as having a documentary about her entitled The Notorious C.H.O.

Productionthe best laughter medicine dr ken

Dr Ken is produced by ABC network, Sony Pictures Television and Davis Entertainment. It will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television. The television show was picked up on the seventh of May 2015. The series was written, co-produced and directed by Ken Jeong. He has stated that he feels confident that the show will be a success based on the large amount of creative control that he has received.

Reception (So Far)

The show has yet to be released, and so there has yet to be any sort of popular reception for the show. However, critics that have seen advanced screenings for Dr Ken have been generally negative in their outlook for the show. Some suggest that the show will have a hard trouble surviving its initial viewings. Jeong has rejected this idea. However, a lot of the criticism has been based on the trailer footage which has been released, so only a certain amount of screen time has been considered. One critic compared the show to All American Girl, which starred Margaret Cho, a guest star for this series. Once again, Jeong denied the claim, due to his perceived creative control over the project.

Technical Things About The Show

In order to write a complete article, we’ll finish with a section on the technical aspects of the show that haven’t already been covered in previous sections on the production of the show. The camera set-up for the show is a multi-camera set-up. This differs from a single-camera setup in that multiple cameras are used in each scene.

The run time for the show is twenty two minutes per episode. The show will debut on the second of October, 2015, and the first three episodes have been announced thus far. The titles for the episodes are as follows:

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Ken Helps Pat

Episode 3: The Seminar

Dates for the episodes following the pilot have not been officially released, although as it is a Friday night slot, it is safe to assume that the pilot will air on October 2nd, and episode two will be a week later on October 9th, and the third will be aired on the 16th October. To watch reruns of Dr. Ken, sign up today for an internet package from XFINITY.


dr ken fridays at 5

Why Sailor Moon Crystal Really Isn’t Terrible

Sailor Moon Crystal is currently in the midst of its second season; the reviews for the first season of the show—which is a rebooted cartoon of the original Sailor Moon story arc—were less than glowing. Many critics and fans disliked the show’s poor animation, which is attributed to being a direct result of the low budget given to the animators who must create a new episode on a bi-weekly basis. The second season, however, has been showing a gradual trend of more positive reviews. In addition to major improvements in the animation for the second season, the storytelling has also improved dramatically. The following are some reasons why the show really isn’t as terrible as many people assume.

The show uses the comic book attacks instead of relying on 2 attacks and stock footage


In the original cartoon, the characters were given about 2 attacks every season—sometimes less—which were then animated and reused over and over as stock footage. This is in direct contrast to the comic book, which used a range of different attacks depending on the situation. Sailor Moon Crystal, following the lead of the original comic, gives the characters many different attacks and animates them uniquely each time. This helps the show feel less formulaic than the original cartoon.

The designs are closer to the original comic


The designs for Sailor Moon Crystal are a lot more stylized and closer to the aesthetic of the original comic than the first cartoon series. Even seemingly simple details such as clothing and hairstyles are being rendered closer to the vision that the creator originally had when she drew the comic.

The characterization is (in some cases) more developed than the original cartoon


Although Sailor Moon Crystal has far less episodes to work with than the original cartoon, many fans are noting that the characterization—at least in some cases—is actually more developed than the longer cartoon from the 1990s.

One major example of this greater character development can be seen in the character of Chibi-Usa, the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, aka Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the distant future. In the first cartoon series, she was depicted as very childish, whiny—and quite frankly, like a brat. When she turns over to the dark side, she does it because she’s mad that people don’t have time to play with her as much. In Sailor Moon Crystal, however, she is portrayed much more empathetically; she doesn’t give into darkness because people won’t play with her, but as the culmination of a growing since of loneliness and despair that was portrayed since she arrived in the series.


Another example can be found in the depiction of Mamoru Chiba; in the original cartoon, he was a flat character who nothing more than helped the female characters when they needed it and act as a love interest. In Sailor Moon Crystal, he is his own character, with his own hopes, dreams, problems, and so on. With a new internet plan from Comcast XFINITY, you can watch Sailor Moon any time you want.

Why Monster High is Ripe for a Live Action TV Transplant

The Monster High franchise is one of the most popular franchises aimed at young children and pre-teens; the franchise consists of online episodes, books, animated TV specials, dolls and other merchandise.

The basic premise of franchise is simple: “Monster High” is a high school for monsters, with the main characters in the franchise being the children of famous monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and so on. In addition to dealing with the typical troubles of high school, the students of Monster High must also occasionally work around problems created due to their supernatural existence—such as one TV special that involved a trouble making genie.

A live action TV film based on the franchise is currently slated for release in October of 2016. Possible plans for a live action TV series to follow the feature film have been confirmed, although the official confirmation has yet to be made—many insiders believe the success of the live action film may determine the future of the live action TV series, since up until this point, the franchise has been entirely animated. A live action TV of the show would almost certainly be a success—and here’s why.

It has a diverse cast of characters


One of the most appealing aspects of the franchise is that there is at least one character to appeal to just about anyone. All of the characters are the children of monsters, although the franchise does stretch the concept of monster to include other supernatural beings. Some of the most interesting characters outside of the main cast include the daughter of a Chinese dragon, the daughter of a faceless Japanese ghost, the daughter of the Loch ness Monster, the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera—just to name a few.

It has a unique macabre (but not morbid) theme


Another appealing aspect of Monster High is that it is radically different from the traditional franchise aimed at girls in the modern toy market. Monster High is comparatively macabre—with vampires, ghosts, witches and other characters who are usually reserved for Halloween specials. But it is this macabre, ghoulish theme that has made the franchise take off—it is different, it is unique, and it celebrates that uniqueness wonderfully.

It has a large, built-in fan base


Monster High is Mattel’s top selling franchise—yes, it has even beat out Barbie! The series has a large built-in fan base which not only includes children, both boys and girls, but teenagers and even adult collectors as well. The high quality of the doll merchandise has been particularly appealing to teenage and adult doll collectors, who appreciate the franchise’s uniqueness. All of these fans are a built-in demographic for the TV series, which wouldn’t have to worry about building up one.

While a live action TV adaptation would be departure from the animated TV and webisode series, it would draw in an older—and more expansive—demographic, who are statistically more likely to watch live action TV shows than their younger counterparts. Watch episodes of Monster High now with a Comcast internet connection!

Why Extant’s Season 2 is Failing

Many fans of the summer series Extant were thrilled when CBS announced that they renewed the series, which stars Halle Barry, for a second season, especially since hopes for a season 2 renewal were low. And because the show’s executive producer announced that they had made many ‘improvements’ for season 2, many fans were excited to see just how Extant season 2 improved upon the interesting—though not perfect—premiere season. However, with several episodes in so far, the second season of Extant is performing poorly in the ratings—and with the fans.


The season premiere of season 2 had the lowest premiere for any scripted series this summer, ranking in at only 0.7, which is also a low for the show. The reviews of the second season have also been generally unfavorable, with most of them noting the radical and confusing changes made to the story and the characters from the first season. To showcase why season 2 of Extant isn’t hitting the mark, let’s take a closer look at what is wrong with the show’s second season.

They ruined John and Julie



John Woods, Molly’s husband, was the most grounded character of the first season. He provided the foundation for Molly—and for Ethan—and was central in finding out what really happened to Molly in space and ultimately protecting her (and her two ‘sons’) from being harmed. Julie also played a key role due to her development of Ethan, and her relationship with the anti-robotics terrorist.

However, season 2 completely ruined these two characters by introducing a plot element that was not present during season 1 and seems to only have been written so that the two actors could be shoved out of the way: an affair. In season 2, John and Julie were suddenly revealed to have been having an affair the entire time. John is then killed, and Julie kidnaps Ethan for nefarious purposes. These reveals were completely out of left field and made many fans frustrated and angry, especially since the actors gave some of the best performances in the first season.

Molly is a completely different character


If you told fans at the end of season 1 what Molly would be like in season 2, they probably wouldn’t believe you! And that is because Molly is now a completely different character. Instead of an intelligent, reasonable astronaut who uses her knowledge and experience to find out what’s happened to her she is now close to being the cliché “female action heroine,” who goes around kicking in doors, kicking butts, and never taking names.

On top of all this, he doesn’t seem to care about anyone at this point, even though one of the key points of her character in season 2 was that she had maternal feelings for Ethan and her other ‘son.’ The change, like the change to John and Julie, seems to have only been included to draw in a new viewer demographic; namely those who would rather watch a character like Ripley from the Alien series! To watch recaps of the series, check out the current XFINITY internet deals!

Why a ‘Descendants 2’ Is Almost Certainly In the Cards

Disney’s Descendants has been one of the most hyped Disney Channel Original TV Movies in recent years. The TV film, which was directed by Kenny Ortega, is based around the premise that all of the famous Disney villains (and their little sidekicks, too) were banished to a magic-less island while the Disney protagonists joined their kingdoms and enjoyed years of peace and prosperity; that is, until the son of Belle and Beast is due to be crowned king, and makes his first proclamation: that four of the children of those exiled villains be invited to attend school on the mainland, since they are not their parents and do not deserve to be punished simply for being born.

Although there has been no official word from Disney yet, it is very likely that there will be a sequel hitting the TV airwaves sometime soon. Let’s take a closer look at why a Descendants 2 is almost guaranteed for the Disney Channel.

It got great ratings and broke a few records


The film earned almost 7 million live viewers during its Friday night premiere, making it the #1 TV program aimed at children 2 to 13 in 2015 so far. The additional viewers from app viewing, legal online streaming and DVR recordings also bring the total ratings up to record-breaking heights. Disney is not shy about making sequels for its successful TV films, and Descendants is not likely to be an exception.

It has an extensive merchandise line with the potential for growth

Descendants have already been supplemented by an extensive merchandise line which seems likely designed to encourage growth in the Descendants brand. The merchandise includes school supplies, books, clothing and fashion accessories, as well as a doll line which includes dolls exclusive to official Disney Stores.

Descendants is a potential rival to similar popular franchises


When Descendants was first announced, many fans immediately brought up its similarity to a Mattel franchise: Ever After High, where the teen children from fairy tale heroes and villains attend school together and grapple with their supposed destinies. Disney may be hoping that Descendants has the edge over Ever After High, since it can include characters and other material that is officially Disney rather than generic “fairy tale.”

Disney has already invested in other material in the “Descendants” world


Perhaps the most prominent example of Disney intending to develop Descendants into a sequel and full-blown franchise is the existence of other Descendants material. Before the film aired, a web exclusive series starring the daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene was available to Disney fans; an animated web series was announced shortly after the film premiered on TV; and a prequel book by Melissa De La Cruz, titled Isle of the Lost, was published several weeks before the film’s air date. Not only did the book shoot to the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List, it is also described with the subtitle: “A Descendants Novel,” which indicates more Descendants novels may be on the way. To watch the first Descendants movie, consider purchasing internet from Charter Spectrum.

What You Need to Know About Netflix’s Marco Polo

Netflix is no stranger to original programming, even original programming with a historical angle; but its recent epic series, Marco Polo, is the most production-intensive historical drama to premiere on the service in its entire history. The series focuses on the famous explorer Marco Polo, who spent several years living at the court of Kublai Khan; the show’s focus on court politics, which could be secretive and even brutal, has led to some critics describing it as “Netflix’s Game of Thrones.” The show was well received enough to garner a second season, which is expected to air sometime in late 2015 or early 2016.

If you haven’t yet started watching Marco Polo, there is no better time to start! But first, take a look at some interesting things you should really know about this epic series.

It was originally intended for the Starz network


The show was originally developed by the Starz network, which officially picked up the series all the way back in 2012. The original plan was to film the series in China; however, this proved too expensive and time-consuming–possibly due to the strict filming and content regulations required by media that films in China–and the project was dropped. Starz released the series to the Weinstein Company, where it was eventually picked up by Netflix.

The first season cost a lot of money to film


The first season of Marco Polo cost a whopping $90 million to produce, or $9 million per episode. The original budget for the series was $5 million for each episode, however, the budget was nearly doubled by Netflix.

To put this production cost into context, the first season of Game of Thrones cost about $60 million to make.

It’s shot almost exclusively on location


One of the reasons for the high budget may be the fact that the series is filmed almost exclusively on location. The show has been filmed in Venice, Italy; Kazakhstan; and Malaysia. The Malaysian scenes were the location of Kublai Khan’s court. According to the show’s creator, John Fusco, it took 9 months to finish filming in Malaysia. These 9 months were reportedly difficult due to the extreme heat, which sometimes reached as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Joan Chen did her own research for her role


Joan Chen plays Chabi, the empress consort of Kublai Khan, who was not only his favorite wife but his unofficial advisor. Chabi was one of Marco Polo’s benefactors during his time at court and, in addition to her work advancing the interests of Marco Polo, she is credited with promoting actions that appeased the Chinese people and nobles that her husband had conquered. Among her many credited actions, she actively suggested that the Chinese imperial family be treated well, helped prevent Chinese farmland from being converted into Mongol-style pastures, and promoted Chinese Buddhism to high ranking Mongol government officials.

To prepare for this important role, Chen read several books, including The Secret History of the Mongol Queens by Jack Weatherford. When you purchase XFINITY broadband offers, you can stream Marco Polo on Netflix.

What We Know So Far About The Walking Dead Spin-off

The Walking Dead is not just AMC’s most popular show—it is one of the most popular shows currently airing on TV. The series, which is based on a comic book series of the same name, has been providing thrills, drama, romance, and plenty of zombies to viewers for several reasons; and now AMC is finally going ahead with the often-rumored spin-off series. The spin-off series will be called Fear the Walking Dead, and while viewers will not feel totally out of the loop, it will be a different beast than the regular The Walking Dead series. Let’s take a closer look at what we know, so far, about Fear the Walking Dead.

Robert Kirkman will be part of the new show


Robert Kirkman will be playing a role in the production of the show; Kirkman, for those not in the know, is the creator of the original comic book series. This is great news for fans, since it means that the spin-off story will be written by the originator of the original Walking Dead story, rather than someone uninvolved.

Cliff Curtis will play the lead role

Cliff Curtis, a native New Zealand actor, has been cast in the lead role in the series. His character is called Sean Cabrera, and he is a high school teacher who is described in the show’s casting call as someone who wants to “do right by everyone in his life.” Cabrera has a teenage son with rebellion issues and an ex-wife.

The other lead role will be female

The other lead role announced for the show is a character called Nancy Tompkins, who is a single mom who works as the guidance counselor of the same school where Sean Cabrera works. Tompkins lives with her children Nick and Ashley, both of whom are living at home after high school.

The series is set in Los Angeles


Unlike the original The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead will be set in the bustling city of Los Angeles. This will definitely provide a completely different type of scenery than the original show, which will be a refreshing change for fans who may be tired of constant countryside settings. It could also provide a greater chance for thrills and drama—who wants to be in the middle of a very infectious zombie outbreak in one of the most densely populated areas of California, if not the United States as a whole?

It will be set before the outbreak begins


The original show began when strange things were already afoot. When Rick ventured out, he was dismayed—but not shocked—by the appearance of a zombified young girl. However, Fear the Walking Dead will begin before the zombie outbreak. This will add some detail to the canon mythology of the series, which has so far only provided glimpses of what life was like during the initial outbreak, in contrast to the “knee-deep in zombies” situation the show’s main characters are currently facing. To watch Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, purchase Comcast XFINITY Internet Plans and stream them on Hulu.