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Angelina Jolie’s Fabulous Career

Angelina Jolie’s Fabulous Career

Known first for her starring role in “Lara Croft” and countless other movies during the early-2000s, Angelina Jolie has since become a beloved actress both on and off screen. In her personal life, Angelina is heavily involved with charities around the globe. Countless hours of her time have been self-devoted to multiple projects, primarily those that deal in helping refugees. Due to her acting skills, growing fan base, and personal life, she often comes up on top of the many most beautiful women lists published by magazines. 

Angelina’s love for acting grew primarily because of her parents. Her mother is Marcheline Betrand and her father is Jon Vought, an Oscar-winner actor. She is a mix of German and Slovak from her father, and French-Canadian, Dutch, German, Czech, and remote Huron from her mother. Her mother had once studied with the acclaimed Lee Strasberg, so when Jolie turned eleven, she attended the Lee Strasberg Threatre institute. Here her love for acting grew and she was seen in countless stage productions. Later on, at the New York University she participated in multiple film studies and afterward became a member of the Met Theatre Group in Hollywood, California. She began modeling when she was sixteen and made some music video appearances. 

During the mid-90s, Angelina got some of her first real recognition after starring in a multitude of small films, including Hackers and Foxfire. After her strong roles in the movies True Women and George Wallace, both made-for-TV in 1997, she won a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination. She received even further acclaim when she scored the lead part in HBO’s Gia in 1998. Gia was a true life story of the model Gia Carangi who was the first celebrity to die of AIDS. Gia earned Angelina another Golden Globe Award and Emmy nomination, along with a SAG award. 

1999 was another award-winning year of performances for Angelina; she gave great performances in The Bone Collector where she starred alongside Denzel Washington. Jolie also received many awards for her acting in Girl, Interrupted which was based on a true story. Jolie acted with Winona Ryder. The movie itself received little critical acclaim, but Jolie earned a Golden Globe Award, the SAG Award, and an Academy Award. 

The next year, in 2000, Angelina Jolie was asked to take the starring role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. When it was first offered she showed little interest, but after contemplating the intriguing athletic training involved she decided to take the part. Despite Jolie having become estranged to her father around this time in her life, Jon Voight also had a role in the movie. Critics were not impressed, but the movie did well financially. 

The Croft movie was shot partly in Cambodia. Whilst filming there, Jolie considered the local culture and connection with nature an intriguing and thought-provoking experience. This is mostly what prompted the humanitarian aspects of her life after witnessing the poverty of the country. Shortly after, Jolie started visiting refugee camps around the globe and was later appointed formally as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR. She published a book that detailed her experiences and called it Notes from My Travels, Jolie donated all profits to the UNHCR.

Angelina Jolie has since devoted the majority of her time and money to humanitarian efforts. She once shared that while she enjoyed acting, she now sees it as a way to finance her charitable contributions. She stated that one/third of her money goes to savings, one/third to living, and the final third to charitable efforts. Jolie adopted her first child in 2002, a refugee boy named Maddox from Cambodia. Three years later in 2005, Jolie adopted another child, this time a refugee girl from Ethiopia named Zahara. Jolie’s first feature film called Beyond Borders was released in 2003. Jolie included some of her real life experiences with humanitarian projects. There was a romance involved between two westerners, but despite the approach, critics found the scenes too depressing and realistic.

A year after Beyond Borders was release, Jolie began filming her part in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which was released in 2005. She co-starred with Brad Pitt and the movie was a major success in the box office. While filming the movie, rumors circled accusing Jolie and Pitt of having an affair. Jolie admitted that her mother had been hurt previously by adultery, so she herself would never participate in a relationship with a married man, but Pitt later divorced his wife of the time (Jennifer Aniston) and was frequently spotted with Jolie out in public in the months to come.

It wasn’t until the early months of 2006 that Jolie announced her and Pitt were having a child. They gave had their first baby girl together named Shiloh, then later adopted Pax, a Vietnamese boy of only three. Both of them continue to support their charitable contributions and humanitarian causes.


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